Sunday, May 6, 2012

Why won't these Antz take the hint and just leave?

Z: I've got to believe there's something out there better than this. Otherwise I'll just curl up into a larval position and weep. Quote from Antz

My husband shares his house with me, a cat named RV and a million tiny black sugar ants.  He will let the cat and I stay but the ants...I think not. I just want them to go away and not cost us a lot of money.  Am I asking too much?

As ants go, these are not the worst I have every lived with.  We had big black wood ants in our last house...the kind that eat walls and trees.  At least these are small, black and can hide fast.  We hardly even notice they are there unless they are crawling on our skin.  Which brings me to the important question of the do you get rid of these little creepy crawly little critters?  We have cleaned counters, under the counter and places that have never been cleaned.  We have spread anti-ant crystals around the outside of the house and I vacuum more than is really necessary.  We set ant traps on important surfaces.

But they just continue to invade our space.  I am really not very excited about spraying most surfaces in the house but maybe that is what we are going to have to do. My last choice will be an exterminator. It is kind of sad because  I am even talking about the ants like they are friendly aliens and only visiting for a while.  If they would just go away we would not have to murder them.  Darn!


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  1. Go ahead and spray- Simple Green! Ants hate citrus rine. That is what simple green is. Start at any entry point you see. Then mop/ clean with it for a week.
    An externimator inHawaii told us about it when he realized my husband was poisoning us. He never used anything else. Most rodents hate simple green as well.
    Good luck!


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