Saturday, June 9, 2012

Circle of Life: Hospice, Babies, and Graduation

Baby Shay...the beginning of a circle!
The tag "it's the journey" is attached to many stories on my blogs.  Growing older creates many challenges for my husband and I.  I am sure you have all had these experiences. So some days are joyous and some days bring grief.  The days that are remarkable are the ones that bring both and we are able to embrace the joy and put the grief in perspective.

When a death and a new beginning come at the exact same moment you take time to ponder the circle of life that surrounds us all.  In our particular case a dear friend and my daughter's mother-in-law, age 84, passed away at the very time that our granddaughter was receiving her graduation diploma.  I was holding the graduate's baby sister and we were cheering and stomping our feet in celebration of life both at it's beginnings and at it's end.  It was tearful yet joyous all at the same time.

Life is it's own way.  Be well.


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  1. Although I've not had these experiences due to the fact that I'm ONLY 48 years of age. (Bite me AARP) I do appreciate your beautiful perspective. Be well darling. (as he sips his margarita on a Sunday afternoon).


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