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14 Inexpensive LITTLE vacation ideas!

Rimskycorsicoffee House, Eastside of Portland
Destination Coffee shop with no sign!  Look it up!

Exploring the Local Max Line to see a new
part of Portland
I was talking with a friend today.  He has been retired for many years and says that now he has no idea when he found time to work!  Hospice, golf, golf marshaling so he can golf, church and family keep him very busy. You probably know exactly what he means.  What we all need is a vacation from retirement!

Why?  Well it seems to me that even a very bad short vacation is better than none.  We return to our house grateful that it has not burned down while we were gone.  The change of scenery or new food inspires us.  We have something new to talk and laugh about.

So have you ever looked around to see what you might do to get away on a regular basis so your life has some variety.  Here are a few things you might consider:
  1. An overnight stay in a hotel in your city.  Dinner, window shopping, a show and a late night drink.  You don't need to worry about the drive home so enjoy yourself.  Be sure to check Living Social or Groupon for specials.
  2. How about working in a national park for the summer.  You can earn some cash and escape the heat if you live somewhere that is very hot.
  3. If you own an RV you can stay for free in state or national parks and volunteer as a camp host. I have friends that have done that very thing year after year.
  4. Volunteer for a vacation.  I have known people that have gone done this at church camps or other outdoor camps.  They have had a lot of fun and been useful while they were at it.
  5. Take advantage of one of those timeshare offerings.  You can get a free night in a hotel and maybe even a round of golf on the house.  If you are smart and can resist a sales pitch you are golden.
  6. Make your sports team your vacation.  We love to travel to Seattle, stay overnight and take in a Mariners game. 
  7. Go for a picnic at a local winery or park...the picnic is a lost art it seems to me.  I have such good memories of good food, a swim in a pool next to the park and taking a nap on the lawn.  Go for a picnic.
  8. Gather the family for a drive-in movie.  Bring food and drinks and settle back for some fun.
  9. How about a cook book vacation at home...I saw Ina Garten recreate a day in Paris with food.  How fun would it be to invite a few friends over and have a party with the theme "Paris". 
  10.  My son and his family went camping in the back yard...the indoors were off limits unless the time came for a potty outdoor toilets! Grandparents could do the same thing!  Really, it would be fun!
  11. TV can be an inspiration for a short get away.  Here in Portland we have several movies and shows filmed locally.  How about a day finding the location for Grimm and taking lots of pictures. Or what if you looked up the Rachael Ray episode she filmed in you area and visited the restaurants she ate at.
  12. Along this same line how about checking out Fodor and Frommers travel guides  for your state from the library and see if they have any suggestions for fun things to do in your area.  You could become an expert...wouldn't that be cool 
  13. Get a group of your favorite people together to take a group picture...make it an occasion for everyone and dress for a theme.  You will find people asking for it to become a tradition.  Take little day trip to the destination so it is a getaway. 
  14. A Bobby Flay throw down is a lot of fun. We did this with potato salad one summer. Everyone in the family voted and I lost.  Be careful not to be the winner if you are doing this with the will be stuck with making that wonderful potato salad for the rest of your life.  Pick an unexpected place to set up your barbecue...a pop up thrown down would bring the whole neighborhood it in the cul de sac or pocket park near you.
So what you need is a break.  You really don't need three weeks in the Galapagos like Brad and Angelina.  No, I prefer a shorter break or even just a party.  After all we are retired!

Have fun!

We took a day trip to Astoria, Oregon to visit the very old
Astor Hotel!
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  1. You've posted some wonderful ideas! I'll add one of my own, a personal favorite - travel by bicycle to a favorite outdoor destination for a picnic breakfast or lunch.

    In my case, my husband and I bike to the beach every Wednesday we are in town, and enjoy a sack breakfast, usually homemade muffins and some fruit, when we get there, before turning around and pedaling back home. :-)

  2. Go fishing, kayaking, hiking, climbing, swimming, pick wild berries...

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