Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Being "honest" in politics must be very hard! Photograph to prove it!

Being honest can get you in trouble. The fact might be that telling the truth is very rarely a good thing for the truth teller.

I received a text message the other day with the message, "At least they were being honest."  Here was the picture included.  The sign said:

Taken Saturday on the Oregon coast highway.
Get us drunk  420  
("420" means for a $20.)

Luckily there was a Safeway just up the road so these guys could stagger over and buy some beer if someone actually gave them money. Imagine if these truth tellers were Republicans or Democrats raising funds!

With political season heating up and claims begin thrown around by both parties, the probability of anyone being totally honesty is very small. Anyone that has taken a statistics class knows that numbers can say anything. It is all about how you spin the message. I know what I think is true but unless I employ an honest to goodness "fact finder"*, the type the high class magazines like The Atlantic use, who knows what is true and what is not.

The reality is, as we can see from the picture above, telling the truth just doesn't work sometimes. Being in politics must be very hard.

Just a thought!


Fact-finding is the only way to verify sources and ensure the validity of a topic. Newspapers, magazines and book publishers use fact-finders to verify information provided by the writer. On-site fact-finders look at the sources provided by the writer to double-check the information. 
Read more: The Advantages of Fact-Finding |

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