Friday, October 26, 2012

The Stove Is on Fire! Yikes!

In a fireplace hopefully!
The stove was on fire...really on fire. I was drying a grill pan and turned my back. It might have been me that spilled something. But I am not taking the blame! I don't think it is important. All I know is the tray underneath the burner was full of flammable liquid and it caught on fire.

The fire alarm did not go off. I'm a little worried about that.

You never really know how alert you are until the accident happens...right? My husband huffed and puffed on the flames. I got the box of soda and put it out. I know how to put out a fire...I've had some experience. The question was, how am I going to handle this blame stuff? I said in my most casual voice, Well the house needed airing out anyway!

Which goes to show is not how big any fire is or who started it. It is how much soda you can throw on the blames!

Be well.



  1. Quick thinking, Barb. Baking soda is a lot less of a mess to clean up than a fire extinguisher. But, you'd better check that smoke alarm!

    Interesting picture that must be from the UK. Americans spell the word cozy while our neighbors across the water prefer cosy. Either way, it is probably fireplace weather in Portland.

  2. Bob,

    You are so right...and you notice I did not blame myself which I normally do. Actually the picture was taken in Sapa, Vietnam.



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