Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Are You Making Your Grandkids Fat?

I am beginning to wonder if we don't need warning labels on fast food and junk food. What do you think. http://www.retireinstyleblog.com/2012/11/the-new-best-warning-label-food.html
Are You Making Your Grandkids Fat?


  1. I think we all already know all the points listed in the article; it's pretty much basic common sense. In fact, long ago decided I wanted to be known as the "fun" grandma when the time comes. Just as I've spent most of my adult life focusing on living a healthy lifestyle, I intend to do the same with the grand-kiddos.

    Meaning we'll read them books, take them outside, to the park, and the zoo. Then as they get older we'll take them skating, hiking, biking and camping. The emphasis won't ever be overly on food, because as a basically sedentary society, we simply can't afford it.

  2. Tamara,

    YOU are getting it right but the question here is how do we make people aware of what they are doing to themselves and thus to their children/grandchildren.

  3. Don't you think they already know, though? I can't imagine they don't.

    I'm not sure what the answer is, or how we get people to understand that they need to insert regular physical activity into their days. When I talk to people about this topic, I equate physical exercise to brushing and flossing - you may not enjoy it, but if you want to have your teeth when your older, you'll just do it. It's the same with exercise and our heart health of course. But the resistance and excuses I get back in return . . . oh, my, lets just say they are many.

    A few weeks back a doctor gave a presentation on how to age well at the university my husband and I attend. She pointed first and foremost to diet and exercise as being the most important components of longevity, followed by adequate sleep and a reasonably low level of stress. She then reluctantly, very reluctantly, mentioned vitamins, because they had the least impact of the five components. Do you know, there wasn't a single question from the audience, all seniors, on the first four items. All the audience wanted to know about were how vitamins could help them live longer. No one wanted to deal with diet or exercise. They really only wanted to discuss the easy, but least effective, fix.

    Anyhow, I guess I didn't really answer your question. All I know to do is to try and be the change I hope to see occur.

  4. Grrr - I had a note about diet that I accidentally deleted. Sorry about that!

    The reason I always go to exercise first is that I think eating healthier eating is just a natural offshoot of it. When you are hard at work strengthening and improving your physical being, placing poor quality food into it afterward stops making sense. Plus, the exercise is it's own reward due to the pleasant chemicals released into your brain as you do it.

    Hmm, maybe that's the better approach to take? Perhaps people would be more receptive to being told to move more, than being told to eat less? There are many, many studies pointing to exercise as a way of negating the effects of a so-so diet.

    OK, I'll stop now . . . clearly this is a topic near and dear to my heart. :-)


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