Friday, November 2, 2012

Best 5 Simple Online "Design Your One-of-a-Kind Gift" Ideas

SolSketch and Google Offers
Google Offers had a very cool coupon online today.  It seems that you can design your own phone case using a photo from your computer or a design you have created in Photoshop or iPhoto. The offer is from  You pay $15 for a $35 case.  They give you step-by-step directions so you can do it yourself.

I created a design in about 5 minutes. It looks like this:
The website will crop the photo leaving just the text with the sign in the background.  Very cool huh!  If you are a Google Offer subscriber, you could design cases for 3 family members at a cost of $15 each. I think they would make wonderful Christmas gift.
The design page allows you to move the design around on the case so you can include as much of the picture as you want. I was amazed at how easy it was.

Zazzle and Your Custom Design
Zazzle is another great create your own "one of a kind gifts" website. They have things like t-shirts, mugs and cards.  You can also design your own page of stamps. I like that one. 

I created one to see how it would work. All I needed was an image on my desktop. When I went to the website I was given a coupon that discounted the sheet of stamps by $8.00.  How fun would it be to give your special friend a stamp created just for them?

Zazzle is going to have an option that allows you to design your own tennis shoes before long. I think that would be fun too.

Tom's Design Your Own Sole
Toms has a webpage called Design Your Own Sole that features a plan for a party to decorate your Toms shoes just the way you want.  Look at this and maybe you can get some creative ideas. Remember, this can be a "charity event" because you buy a pair of shoes and a free pair goes to a child in need.

Nike even has an option that allows you to design your own running shoes.  No pictures on them but you can choose things like color, flexibility, etc.  This might be good gift certificate item.

FP Girl for the picky backpack buyer!
FP Girl makes it possible for you to design a backpack. You can buy a gift certificate here or do the design yourself and incorporate a school logo or a favorite photo. 

Family Address Cards (business card) by VistaPrint

I have always liked the idea of having address cards make for a family or even a child.  These could be so much fun. You need to design your own using their templates but it is very simple. The one I show above is in a "family" template set.  Vista Print will make these for you for $10 and deliver then within a few days.  I just recently did this for my blog. There is probably a franchise close to you so you might check with them too.

Christmas is coming and doing thing affordably can mean putting a little elbow grease in the process. But that usually means you need to get started earlier. I'm just saying!!!


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