Thursday, December 6, 2012

3 Shopping Secrets for Christmas

Shopping at Ventana Canyon Golf Shop
A few years ago my son gave me a beautiful jacket that I could wear for golfing. It was very expensive and I loved it. Thankfully he had included the gift receipt with the present because the jacket was too small.When I returned to the store after Christmas, all the jackets and golf wear was on sale. I used the return money in the store. Not only did I get the jacket but I added some other items. Can you say, "win, win."

Here is the plan:
  1. Step #1...Save the Receipt: If you are buying gifts (and not giving money) go to a reputable store, spend the money you would like to give the person on a beautiful gift and don't worry about the size, style or anything else! Just find something you love. Include the gift receipt so they can go choose the item they want in the size they need. Remember, things go on sale after Christmas. You will both be winners! 
  2. Step #2...Buy a Small Size: What woman doesn't feel good when she thinks that you see her as small. Go ahead and buy a smaller size in something beautiful and include the gift receipt in the package. She will love it. Remember, things go on sale after Christmas.
  3. Step #3...Encourage Exchange: Tell the gift recipient that you really want them to exchange the gift! Remind them, things go on sale after Christmas. Even if they want exactly the same thing, it may be a good idea to check into taking the item back. Who knows, that item may be on sale. 
  4. Tip...Do not use the words "if you don't like it"! If you do that, you are saying that, if they return the item, it will be a reflection on your gift giving skills. Remember, the idea here is to encourage them to return the item and get something they want plus something moreRemember, things go on sale after Christmas.
This strategy may not work if you are buying sale items initially. It will probably not be possible to exchange them.

Just a thought!

Thank you @JLieberman1(twitter)

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