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Books: Foreign Affairs: A Novel by Alison Lurie

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Once in a while I buy a book that I know I will never sell or give away. But I will lend that book, talk about the book and even put an ad for it on my blog. Foreign Affairs: A Novel (buy it here new or used) by Alison Lurie is one of those books.
I don't even want to quote the opening lines or tell you how it begins...why should I be the one to tell about even one paragraph of the book? I will let a reviewer on Amazon do it for me:
On a cold blowy February day a woman is boarding the ten a.m. flight to London, followed by an invisible dog. The woman’s name is Virginia Miner: she is fifty-four years old, small, plain, and unmarried—the sort of person that no one ever notices, though she is an Ivy League college professor who has published several books and has a well-established reputation in the expanding field of children’s literature.
The thing is, one doesn't find a prize winning book that contains quirky character like this or even a love story that is uplifting. This book was like a beautiful song. But win prizes it did.
Foreign Affairs is a 1984 novel by Alison Lurie, which concerns itself with American academics in England. The novel won multiple awards, including the 1984 National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize for fiction in 1985. (wilipedia)
Even after almost 30 years Foreign Affairs has not lost it's magic. Get this won't regret it.


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