Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How do you spend the money you've saved for Christmas?

Merry Christmas from our house to yours.
by b+
I am assuming that you save a little back for Christmas gifts. If you are like us, you don't go into debt this time of year. Saving for Christmas gifts seems to me to  be a very good idea. We used to have special little Christmas savings accounts at the bank that we could deposit our money in so it would be there when the holiday season arrived...$5 or $10 a month. Each member of the family received a small gift that was selected with a lot of love.

So the question is "If you only have $10 to spend on each person, how do you spend it?"

My husband and I tried to be a little more conscious of how the amount we had set aside was being spent this year. We focused on the gift...period. I used every bit that we had accumulated on the gifts.

What else is there? Well, how much do you spend on wrapping paper, ribbon, cards, Christmas Ornaments, etc. Think about that and then add it to the money for presents and you will be surprised how much more you have.

So I made my own gift card holders this year. I vowed to make the wrapping paper we have been accumulating for years look good even if it was old. I dug through the box of labels and copied them on the printer. Not one penny did we spend on the frills. We have 12 grandchildren and six adults that we buy for. I send cards to friends. I regift books I love to people that I know will love them too. We will see how it goes. It is all a learning experience.

Our tree is beautiful as are all our children's trees. We will gather together three times in the next week. Somehow I think this is going to be memorable and beautiful Christmas for us all.



  1. Hey B. We start small, then go a little nuts. This year, we forgave our kids some of their loan to us and then bought small cute gifts to open on Christmas day.
    PS: My new wordpress site won't load up on your paper. Wierd eh?

  2. Shelley, I think that the password that WordPress requires is a problem. Is there any way that you can turn that off?



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