Friday, December 21, 2012

Hummingbirds On Welfare

What have we done? Really, it was not our intention to create needy birds that would not fly south. All we wanted to do was watch them and enjoy our back yard bird sanctuary.

The hummingbirds are beautiful here in Oregon and actually they may stay here year around and we just don't know about it. It doesn't matter either way. The truth is our hummingbirds have gone on welfare. The truth is it is a lot easier to put them on the dole than it is to get them off.

Now Christmas is here and we are beginning to think about going south ourselves. But the hummingbirds still come to the feeder every day. They sit on the feeder and guzzle sugar water as though there were no tomorrow.

So I am worried. I talked to the neighbor about the possibility that she might keep her feeder out all winter. I suppose it may work. Maybe a bird on welfare doesn't really care where the food is coming from as long as there is a donor. I don't know!

Just a thought!



  1. I hear ya'. Around here in the Northeast it's the geese. We don't feed them on purpose, but they get fed, and so they stick around all winter and ... do what the do all over the place!

  2. Oh yes, we have those geese in the northwest too. They are living in parks and on golf courses. Nothing seems to disuade them.

    I have even hit them in the back of the head and on the bottom on the golf course and I am not that good of a golfer. Shame on me but I told them I was going to hit the ball and they would not move. Shoo! did not work.

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