Sunday, December 23, 2012

I'm almost done with (writing about) retirement! What's next?

No, I am not going to quit writing but I am almost through talking about retirement! I have been retired for 15 years now and I just don't want to talk about it. I quit talking about the weather three weeks after we retired and have never been very willing to discuss my aches and pains ever. I am thinking I will add retirement to my list of things that I don't talk about anymore.

During the past 5 years of blogging I have discussed everything from the typical day in a retirees life to how to live on your income even if it is small. In fact I think the count of posts I have written number over 800 now. I have had almost 180,000 hits on the blog. Now I want to talk more about small houses and stylish living and books and travel and family and people and shopping and learning. But my "retirement related life" cannot interest you because it does not interest me. Not anymore. So there you have it.

The only change you will see is a + added after the blog title:  Retire In Style Blog+. The changes will be in the subject matter and no almost no very little only a passing mention of retirement and then probably only by guest bloggers.

Time to Celebrate
To celebrate my new found purpose in life I went with the adults in my family to a small distillery and tasted 7 different kinds of rum and a potato vodka in teeny tiny cups! There is nothing like 7 rums and a potato vodka in communion cups to give yourself a big send off on a new least that is what I think.

Note:  Eastside Distillers here in Portland have a tiny little store front/distillery just on the east side of the Willamette River. The creator of the wonderful spirits is the lady you see in the picture. When every one was asking her about the particulars of her work all I wanted to know was where she got those boots. You have to admit she has a style all her own. My children told me the boots are Doc Martins and the Doc Martin store is located on Burnside. Maybe I need to find myself a pair to celebrate a new day on the Retire In Style Blog+. What do you think?

Incidentally, we were invited into the back room where we saw her distilling equipment. Her still is about the size of my Dyson vacuum cleaner...why don't we have one of those?  It was all copper with brass trim and very pretty. I didn't bring my camera and boy did I regret that.

Be well. We are still celebrating the holidays around here. Don't expect anything very serious!



  1. That is the beauty of a blog - you can change direction and expand your interests, good for you!

  2. Concentrating on a different area is nothing new to me. I have had six different blogs over the years and finally settled on two. I once had a blog about deafness but as you discovered it got stale as I just ran out of fresh ideas. Kind of like TV shows that don't age well.

    I look forward to your words with this broadened horizon. No matter what you write about it will get my attention.

    BTW... If you want to go to a "real" distillery go to Kentucky. Home of Wild Turkey, Jack Daniels, and too many more to mention.... :)

  3. I'm not there yet, but I understand how writing about one topic for 5 years can become more of a chore. Your idea of expansion sounds excellent.

    Who knows, as I become more adapt at RV travel my blog may become all about being retired and RV travel!

    I know your blog will continue to be a must read for me.

  4. RJ, First of all I do want to go to the distilleries in Kentucky. I think that would be lots of fun.

    Thank you for your encouragement. I love a change and I think that the new year will be wonderful one in my writing life.



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