Wednesday, December 26, 2012

When Christmas Dust Settles Just Stop and Dust the Furniture

Christmas Dinner by Candle Light!
I wonder if I even looked around me for a month. I know you have done the same thing. Shopping, cooking, family gatherings and all that decorating kept us busy. But then, as suddenly as it began, it is all over. Christmas has come and gone. We wake up the day after, walk across the floor in our bare feet and realize how long it has been since we vacuumed, dusted, mopped and washed a load of clothes.

That is the way I woke up this morning. Yuck!  My first question for my daughter who had been a part of the crowd around our table last night was Did you notice how dirty my house was? I was glad when she said No! But I can honestly say it was not important. I have had more fun than I can even describe. Boy am I happy!

As we sat down for dinner last night we said grace for our meal. I gave the standard gratitude, bless the good, amen kind of prayer. But in the middle of the night I heard the perfect prayer in my mind:
Dear God,
We don't ask for much. All we really want is for everyone to work hard and be the best they can be. If we were to ask for anything extra it would be that we could find the strength to eat less and exercise more.
We are grateful for the good that we receive and know that you will give us the courage to deal with the bad. Each day is a gift and we realize our good fortune.
We will try to help you in way that we possibly can. 
Be with us each and every day.
So I cleaned my house a lot, programed my new FitBit fitness tracker, took a nap and washed everything we owned.

And so it goes...hope the world is treating you right.


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