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Life in 2010 (a blast from the past)

I wrote this blog post 3 years ago. I love going back to these old posts. It is like visiting a close friend that I have forgotten about for a while.  I hope you like this one. If you are a follower, maybe you can tell me how I am doing. This was my New Years Resolution post. Actually nothing has changed all that much in the last 3 years!
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Facts of Life and the Christmas Letter
A freelance writer by the name of Chuck Palahiuk said, "...No matter how careful you are, there's going to be the sense you missed something."  I think we all have that feeling this time of year.  As we age, time travels at an ever quickening pace until we stop living.  Try as we will to take it all in, we are haunted by the idea that a precious moment has escaped our attention.

That is the way I feel this time of year.  We have a friends that sends a Christmas letter detailing ALL the things they have done, the people they know and their wonderful accomplishments.  I admire their enthusiasm for life and motivation to live every day to the fullest.  But when I finish reading the letter I feel a sense of loss...where was I when they traveled across Canada and fished for salmon?  What was I doing?

Then I realize that each of us fills our days with the things we LOVE and the people we enjoying being around.  It is not all a high of extreme joy but a calm feeling of contentment and joy.  I am grateful for our lives and rejoice in other people's choices.  I also realize that most people would not want to live my life anymore than I would want to live theirs!  It is all good. I did not travel across Canada but I thought about doing great things...that is what worked for me.

Advanced Style Blog
Blog about Life gets Rewards in 2010

Good things happened for me in my blog world.  I may have forgotten to mention that Retire in Style was featured on a list of blogs by retired people by a NYC blog called Advanced Style.  A friend told me that Retire in Style was mentioned on a radio show in December as a blog about our "Golden Years".  An article by this writer was featured on Hub Pages and a link to this blog was selected for mention on Redgage.  So the year 2010 has been a good year as far as my writing life is concerned.  I feel very gratified to have received some attention. 

Brycen and big brother Brayden
The Life of Baby Brycen
In the early days of February our Grandson Brycen was born with major breathing problems and we very nearly lost our precious baby.  He is 11 months now and just started walking yesterday.   He has the reddest hair you have ever seen...I am totally gobsmacked by this character of a child.  But then I have always been gobsmacked when it came to my grandchildren.  I love them all with a fierceness that passes all reason.  Each child, grandchild, daughter/son-in-law seems to be a gift just for my husband and I and we lay claim to their lives, accomplishments and beauty.  After 50 years of marriage, we still are amazed at the good that has come into our lives.  There you have it.
Very cool grandchildren! 50th at the Beach

Life in 2011
Last year I resolved to quit sleeping so much...sleep is a good thing but I was carrying to way, way to far.  I remain a heavy, long sleeper but at least I am more aware of how long I sleep.  I learned a long time ago that resolutions generally become a life quest not a years goal.

So for 2011 I have resolved to behave myself in a more ladylike manner.  Yes, I truly think I can actually do this.  My husband needs a big break and I personally need to show the world that my mother raised a gentle woman...who knows I may even read a self improvement book or two...or at least a book of good manners.  I really don't take myself very seriously so it should be fun.  Stay tuned to see how it goes.  I am sure there will be stories to be shared!

That is it...I will be back soon so let's talk then.  Have a wonderful day!

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