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#Technology for Fitness in 2013: The Biggest Loser and my Fitbit

I love it when technology can be used to get me up and moving instead of sitting in front of the computer or sitting with my iPad in my lap. Moving is good...sitting is bad! A new pattern for my life comes a result of a Christmas dinner discussion and dare. Who can become the healthiest during the next six months? Would you believe I raised my hand and said ME! Don't let it be said that I shrink from a dare. My family sees to that.

So we have all bought into a "Biggest Loser" family contest. Each adult will put in $50 and each younger adult $25.  At the end the biggest loser will win over $400. That is a big incentive for us all.

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Starting in a hole
Our children and their spouses already participate in a weight control programs of different kinds. Either Weight Watchers or a device that tracks activity is a part of their lifestyle. My husband and I have always been active but have never kept track like our children have. This year we are starting in a hole but here is what we are all doing:

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    • I own a Fitbit and use it to track fitness.
    • My husband wears a Sportline watch that tracks steps, miles, and heart rate. 
    • My son went on the FitBit regimen last summer and lost 15+ lbs. along with a huge amount of cholesterol points and a heart murmur that has plagued him since childhood. 
    • His wife has done the same thing and is breathing better, has lost a lot of weight and is looking great.
    • My daughter ran 12 half marathons last year. Her running friends have challenged each other to run a half marathon each week tracking the distance for their routine runs. 
    • Her husband attends Weight Watchers meetings. 
    • My youngest son attends Weight Watchers and now has the Nike Fuel Band.
    • One grandson will be joining the Marines in March.
    • Another granddaughter is on her high school dance team and will practice for up to 5 hours on weekends and some during the week.

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    Here we go.
    Now you can see why my husband I are inspired to take on the challenge too. So that is where my Fitbit comes into play. This little device allows me to track sleep patterns, number of steps and distance walked along with calories burned and connects to my computer wirelessly. I can go to the online website and record food choices and measure how much I have eaten in comparison to how much I have exercises.

    We all weighed in together and took pictures so we can see if there is an improvement. We are weighing in each month and using a Google form to stay connected. Those of us that have the Fitbit can also connect online, watch our progress and encourage each other.

    Join in the fun.Join the "Biggest Loser" challenge too. Just record your weight the same day each month wearing approximate the same clothing. Walk really fast someplace everyday...even to the corner is better than no place at all. It really is fun to have a goal. Get a couple of friends to join you. I dare you!
    Screen Shot of Fitbit online link!


    take a look at this: You can't cure obesity with bigger pants!
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    1. Good idea, to have a family competition.

    2. Linda,
      We thought so and besides it is just fun to have a reason to connect.

      Be well.



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