Thursday, January 10, 2013

Nike's Portland: "Nice Orange Shoes!"

The orange shoes seem to have a life of their own. They are taking me to some very interesting places but better yet they have introduced me to people that I would never have noticed before.

The first indication that they were special came as I was walking through the Pearl District in Portland. This is that part of the city where the very, very rich rub shoulders with the homeless panhandlers working from the curbs. Just a short walk will take you to the water front and when you cross Burnside you are in a wonderful no mans land of mixed cultures and means. That area is called the Skidmore district.

We stepped off the Max line in the Pearl and were making our way to The Oyster Bar in Skidmore when I heard a voice yelling "Nice shoes!" A pretty young woman sitting at the curb smiled back at me when I turned to look.  The orange shoes were doing their thing and I didn't even know it.

I love these shoes. They are teaching me that, no matter where they are sitting or how old they are, the people love happy and beautiful. I think the orange shoes are both! There may be hope after all. Remember the Dr. Suess quote: A person's a person no matter how small!


ps: this is the color I am buying next time!

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  1. We will be in Portland for a week this August, and as a longtime runner I am hoping to run a race in this mecca of running cities while we are there. I would consider that to be as authentic of an experience as going to my first opera while in Italy was! :-)

  2. Yes I think you are right. The other place that comes to mind is Eugene. It is a couple of hours south but a beautiful drive. The running greats got their start at University of Oregon. Steve Prefontaine and Alberto Salazar come to mind.

    Enjoy is my city and I love it beyond reason!



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