Sunday, January 13, 2013

Technology: I can't find my iPhone 5! Yikes!

Thief Beware...I will find you and/or ruin your day!

Even the best iPhone apps are useless if you can't find your phone! And lost it was. If you are an expensive cell phone owner, you know what I am talking about. My new iPhone 5 must have cost a lot. My husband bought it for me and I did not ask how much it cost. I felt sick to my stomach and I knew the illness had nothing to do with the flu shot I had yesterday.

So what do you do when you lay your cell phone down and cannot remember where it is? My first thought is to call my cell phone from my husbands phone. Usually I will hear it ringing and then I will go get it. But this time there was no sound what-so-ever! Not in my back pocket (seriously), the car, the laundry room, the bath, bedroom, or the Arizona room. I began to think about where I had been. Did I leave it on the table at the Mexican Restaurant? Should I call and see if anyone turned it in? But people love these devices so that was not even comforting. Had it been stolen?

When I began to control my panic, reasoning took over. I went to my computer and opened my iCloud online backup storage. That is where I sync all my Apple equipment online. There it was...the i am an idiot and have lost my phone button. Find My Phone sits in the very middle of the page and when I clicked on it, I was taken to a screen that looked like this:
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First I had the application play the I know where you phone is sound. I could hear a loud sonar beep somewhere in the house so I knew I was saved. Really, I thought it was like magic and I suppose it was in a lot of ways. If the phone had not been hiding under a plant with the sound button turned off, it would have been lost until I cleaned...some time in the far distant future. But there it was.

The beauty of it all is that if it had been lost, I could have locked it forever or until I found it. I could have erased all the information on it. AND the thief would have been very annoyed by the sonar sound. The pleasure would have come in knowing that I had ruined the thief's day!

How would I have known it was stolen. Well the application actually shows me where the device is if it appeared somewhere I had never been, I would know that it was probably gone forever.

I just tested it again with my iPad. It is wonderful. What if my car were stolen with my iPhone or iPad in it? Locations services that allow me to track the device as well as lock and erase it's functions. How cool is that! Incidentally, my iPad was right by my chair where I had put it down.

I am locking my phone when I am not using it. An additional step only would take a second and it would be worth it. Why? Well, a thief probably could go into the settings and reset that button if my security is not set right. I will be looking into that.

I keep adding to the reasons I love these Apple devices. I just can't stop talking about them and have to be careful about annoying my friends that own other smart phones! They tell me that they have the same services. I hope so.

Listen up...! If you are a thief, beware of the tracking devices. They can burn you soooooo bad!

Have a great day.

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