Friday, January 25, 2013

When the Good Samaritan Leaves!

The Good Samaritan by Aimé Morot (1880) shows ...
The Good Samaritan by Aimé Morot (1880) shows the Good Samaritan taking the injured man to the inn. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
My friend just arrived home from Hawaii. She is suffering the late arrival of her soul right now but she will be fine in a few days.

In case you are not familiar with the feeling that you left part of yourself behind when you are traveling, I can't explain it. I suffer from it every time we take a vacation. If I went to Hawaii, I would definitely leave something behind and I am not sure that it would ever come back to live in my body.

But that is not what I want to talk about today. I need to talk about going that extra mile when you help someone in need.

My friend fell while she was on vacation and two good Samaritans found her in the middle of a road near a golf course.  They picked her up and walked her to the golf course club house where she passed out in the restroom.  An ambulance came and she spent 4+ days in the hospital, part of that in intensive care.  She does not remember anything about the incident and the Samaritans disappeared as mysteriously as they had arrived.

Now the detective work begins.  She has medical issues that need to be addressed but because the people that talked to her right after the fall are gone, she probably will never know what she said to them. Did she tell them what had happened?

I was a little puzzled about why it was so important to her until she explained that the answers would help her deal with her recovery. Did she fall, hit her head and cause bleeding in the head or did she have a small stroke?

So there is a lesson here.  I know we are all afraid of law suits or appearing to be proud of an act of kindness but that is not the issue here.  It is the information that needs to be left behind so the person that has fallen or been assaulted can piece together their recovery.

It is just a thought!

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