Monday, January 28, 2013

Life in the Winter Desert....Tucson, Arizona

It looks so warm but I am wearing a sweater, corduroys and shoes with sock!
Tubac Arizona (iPhone with Zoom Photo App)
Local Tucsonians claim they can tell where people are from by the clothes you wear. If they are a frozen north visitor, they will wear sandals and short pants...period.  In fact, being the optimistic sun seeker that they are, they probably will not even bring a pair of warm slacks or a sweater/coat. After all, this is Arizona right?

Well, here's the deal. It is winter in Arizona too. I know. I could not get it through my head for the longest time. I just didn't want the pecan trees to lose their leaves and the flowers to frost or freeze. It was just un-American and wrong. I left the state of Oregon to come to a place that is warm and when it wasn't I was disappointed. Then a light came on. Oh, it is winter here too. We can be outside and do just about anything we want on most days. But, it is winter so we need to dress like we are semi-smart. When we do we are very comfortable. Actually, it is just perfect!

As the years have gone by, I find myself acting like a local. I get cold when it is 60 and look around for warmer clothes. We like to turn on our little fake fireplace and put lots of covers on the bed. We revel in the cold and appreciate the warm. When the temperatures dropped to under 30 degree a week ago, we just hunkered down. I cooked great food and we enjoyed a good book. I think we must be getting the drill down. We are officially expert snowbirds!

Come on down...the weather really is fine...I promise!



  1. We brought hoodies and fleece and we have used them all in the last month.

    However, except for two days, I think, it has been sunny every day.

    Sun is all I need.

  2. You are one smart woman. The sun is what I am interested in too. I feel better with all the light and I am sure the vitamin D is good for me. :)

    Be well.



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