Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Some Assembly Required

Label:  Humor

There were 15 extra pieces.  They are not mentioned in the instruction and not pictured anywhere in the list of replacement pieces. Yet, there they were, waiting to be put somewhere. My father always loved the process of assembling a new shelf or tool.  His philosophy was if all else fails, read the directions. He always had extra pieces but then everything worked so it didn't matter.

We use the 40 pieces. 
We have no idea what these are for. They
stack up and are fun to
play with but they don't fit on the
shelf anywhere.

But the shelf stands up just fine without them!
However, in this case, my husband did read the directions and still there they were. He was even reduced to calling me to confirm that he had not made a mistake. It took an hour to put the shelf together and almost that long to decide he had not made a mistake. Some worker in China has put a lot of the extra pieces in various boxes. I hope they didn't get in trouble.

Goodness, that is a lot of wasted parts.  I suppose that somewhere there are people opening boxes and wondering where the 15 missing pieces are.  Just imagine!



  1. I guess as long as the shelf stays upright and doesn't rattle then they weren't needed. So, what can you make from them?

  2. Bob, I can make a stack! I suppose I could string them on a chain and wear them or glue them to a piece of canvas and paint around them or use them as a stamp on the canvas. They would be good checker pieces all thought they are all black and I am not sure if there are enough of them.

    But...they do not go on the shelf. I can guarantee that!



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