Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vintage Retro Hotels: Road Trips with a Twist

Tablet Hotels

We are packing to go home to Oregon. We have made this same trip for many years so you can understand how we are always looking for something unique to make the journey more interesting. Even though there are a lot of routes we can take we are beginning to find the long drive boring. When I saw Tablet Hotels list of 11 revamped hotel across the United States this morning, I had the aha moment. This might be the way we can keep a very long drive interesting. We could plan our trip around retro motels in the places we pass through. I have a collection of retro motel signs I have photographed during our travels. This would be great opportunity to add to them.

The only thing we would need to keep in mind when we are planning to do this is that most of these motels are not on the freeway. A back road or a slight detour is usually required. I would check ratings on Trip Adviser. I happen to think that the ratings on this website are spot-on. We will look for Retro Motels Trip Adviser or Vintage Motels Trip Adviser in the Google search line when we make our plans and reservations online. It is not enough to find an old motel. We want to be sure it is hip, clean and bedbug free (sorta).

The thing I love about these places most is the cost. Even in San Diego (La Jolla) where everything is California'd to the enth degree the retro hotel listed (The Pearl) has had specials at around $76 lately. In Portland (home town) The Juniper is a favorite of the locals as well as tourist. Tablet says it is
"deeply casual, effortlessly hip and impossibly inexpensive."
Yes, I think this might the perfect way to make the long trip home a little more fun. It could be a real adventure.

Have fun.


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  1. Check out Trees Motel in Bishop, CA. A day's drive from Las Vegas, through Death Valley National Park, stopping at Manzanar.

  2. What a clever idea. As long as I have tripadvisor to confirm it's a FORMER flea bag, it could be quite charming.

  3. I'm bookmarking this for a far away day I've been dreaming of. So glad your living the life I want- glad someone is. Hahahah

  4. Good Morning Barbara, Thank you so much for visiting my blog I loved your comment. Little girls know what they like nowadays and I love the fact she chose pink for her blanket....little girls love pink don't they.
    I love the fact that your blog recommends places to visit and stay, there is nothing like being recommended somewhere that has been visited by a friend.
    El Charro Restaurant looks inviting, I love the colours....yes definitely, I would enjoy something to eat there....and I loved the description of The Jumper in Portland "deeply casual, effortlessly hip and impossibly inexpensive!"....could they be describing us!!!
    I have enjoyed reading your blog Barbara and I have become a new follower.
    Hope your trip home is going well and you are enjoying your stay at the vintage motels.
    Best Wishes to you,


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