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What’s the Right Time for a Village Holiday?

Note: I don't know about you but we take our holidays on the shoulder of the season. That is a time when most children are in school and resorts are very quiet. But there are other ideas for making your experience just as grown up during high season. Jo Petty points out some new travel trends for a holiday at the beach in England. b+

If you’re pondering your first getaway without the kids or simply tire of going on couples holidays where there are lots of young families around, a trip to an adults-only holiday village might be right up your street.

There are lots of different types of adults-only holidays and specially designed hotels on the market. However, holiday villages provide a community to stay in over the course of your holiday. Think the setting of Dirty Dancing, but with less teenagers, dancing and 1960s clothes.

Just what is a holiday village?
Holiday villages are purpose built and are usually set in grounds away from bustling city centres and towns. You can stay in a self-contained chalet or some villages offer hotel-type rooms to stay in too. Activities are put on daily and there are lots of things to do, from tea dances to bowls and snooker: nothing too strenuous, making it perfect if you simply want to take a nice relaxing holiday.

Where are some of the holiday villages located?
There are a range of different companies that have holiday villages specifically catered to the adults-only market and Richardson’s is popular as it has three different villages dotted about in England, with two up in Norfolk and one on the South Downs.

All of the holiday villages are situated near the seaside, meaning you can take in some of the sea air whilst in the company of other like-minded people. Plus, the location of the three Richardson’s parks make it perfect if you fancy doing a little sight-seeing, with the South Downs park situated near the cathedral city of Chichester, and the Norfolk Broads national park just a stone’s throw away from the other two parks.

Why should I go? Aren’t village holidays for old people?
Village holidays aren’t just for “old people!” Many people who go on adults-only village holidays are nearing retirement age or have just had children “fly the nest.” There’s also a mixture of senior groups who enjoy village holidays as everything is in one place.

One of the main benefits of a going to a holiday village is that there’s a lot to do in one place. Entertainment is put on daily, meals are provided in the dining room, and most importantly there are lots of friendly folk around who are like-minded and you’ll probably walk away with a few extra phone numbers in your address book!

When’s the best time to go?
According to Saga, the best day for over-50s to go on holiday is the first weekend in September after children go back to school. Even though the children may have left home, it seems we’re still dictated by their movements!

However, most holiday villages are open year round so you can go whenever you wish! Summer is popular because the weather is at its peak, however you can even spend Christmas at a holiday village if you’d like to do something a little different over the festive period.

What are the benefits of going to a holiday village over a traditional break?
As mentioned previously, holiday villages have everything in one place, meaning everything is on your chalet doorstep! In addition to this, a UK break is easier to arrange than a holiday abroad; you don’t have to remember passports, arrange airport parking or learn another language. Also, you simply have to navigate the UK’s familiar roads to get to your destination – no hanging around at an airport for hours on end!

The price tag for an adults-only village holiday can be a lot cheaper than an adults-only break abroad, as you often have to pay extra for the luxury of having an adults-only break.

So, if you’re deciding on where to take your next holiday, consider a break to a holiday village. You’ll be surprised by how much fun you’ll have and most importantly, you’ll get that relaxing break you deserve.

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Jo Petty is a freelance writer and web editor. She’s previously worked in the travel industry and is interested in new tourism trends and developments.

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