Sunday, August 25, 2013

The Fire Alarm and the TV are friends?

A  Possessed TV?
Honestly, sometimes I think my houses are haunted. I have no idea if this stuff ever happens to anyone else. It could be that I need a support group. It could be called "People that own appliances that can talk!" or something like that.

Once I had a stove that flung the enamel off the stove top all over the house. We would sit watching TV and a piece of gold enamel would go flying across the room. The people that sold us the appliance did not believe me and would not replace it. We had to pay for a new stove top out of our own pocket. Later that same stove decided to unplug itself in middle of a party. I had 40 people in my house and the stove pulled out into the middle of the kitchen to plug it back in.

But this last experience has me shaking my head. We just bought a new TV for our bedroom. When I change the channel or the volume, the fire alarm goes off...three times! The alarm is right over my head in the bedroom and it is deafening. We also have a sleep number bed with a remote control and now I am beginning to wonder if it is going to join in the conversation!

If you ever want to keep your children from watching too much TV, this is the perfect setup. I find myself thinking twice before I turn it on at all. Do you think it is it would be okay to disconnect the fire extinguisher...probably not. Doggone it I guess we will have to get a new one soon. This alarm business is driving me nuts!


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