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Movies: The Red Suitcase Goes Global with

There are movies that need to be made. I think The Red Suitcase is one. The story of older women living a real life is not something we see all that often at the movies. I am one of those (older women) and I think we are very interesting...thank you. But, in the case of The Red Suitcase, we have not only the life of an interesting character but also a compelling mother-daughter story. And it is about a road know how I love those.

I did one of those Google searches this morning using the words movies about older people and every movie that came up starred men like Clint Eastwood. Surprisingly, when I added the word women the search engine came up with older women/younger man relationship movies...all those icky cougar stories. Then I tried movies about retirement and hit the motherload.  Evidently the movie industry is all about that subject and always has been.  But movies about older mothers in trouble and a daughter finding a way to move on with their lives? Probably not many. 

So now WE have a chance to help a movie get produced. This one is worth our attention. 

I have written about this project several time.  The most recent post was called Reinvention: The Red Suticase Movie Project...Taking the Past With You. When I interviewed the movie maker this is what she told me:
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      The Red Suitcase is a film that is being made by young filmmaker, Dana White, and her husband. She is the writer, producer and star. Her mother is the story. 
      The idea for the film came after White and her mother had taken the road trip from her mother's home in the East to White's home in California. White had to convince her mother that she needed to leave the past behind and come to live with her.  
It really doesn't take much... every small donation makes a huge difference. Your name will appear on the wall of donors, there are gifts given and you are a part of the project. I hope you can find a way to join me. We can become a part of the IndieRedSuitcaseGroupies!


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Website: The Red Suitcase

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PS: When you go to the website look for RetireInStyleBlog in the quotes!

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