Sunday, December 29, 2013

How to make life easier with a Zooka Wireless Speaker?

When you are a senior with a hearing loss, technology and social networking can help you stay in touch with the world. We find that the use of a Zoola wireless bluetooth speaker can help us communicate with our family thus keeping the social part of our life active.

When we spend months away from our family, Skype keeps us connected with their lives. For example, on Christmas Day we shared the opening of our gifts with our daughter and her family via Skype. We set the iPads so we could see the whole room but then, when we wanted a close-up or to move to another room, we just picked up the iPad and did a little walk around.

However, there are a few problems with that plan. First of all, most iPads or laptops don't have speakers that can put out enough volume so you can hear across a room and if you have your device connected to a large speaker system, it cannot move around with you. While we like to see the people, we also want to hear what they are saying and carry on a conversation with them.

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That is when we reach for our Zooka Wireless Speaker.
This little Carbon Audio device is only about 10 inches long so we can store it in the end table drawer, easy enough we can enable it in just a few seconds and it is very, very portable. Now we can set the iPad or laptop across the room so everyone can be seen and heard. It is designed so the iPad can use it as a stand or we could put it on the top of a thin laptop screen. We can also set it next to us if necessary. Carbon Audio says:
Each Zooka comes with one removable metal stand which raises the iPad/iPhone to the perfect viewing angle for any movie or media experience.
Zooka has a built-in microphone that enhances the use of Skype, FaceTime, and is perfect for incoming and outgoing phone calls
We use this little device ALL THE TIME! In fact, when we set it up, our family will say "Oh I remember that. You brought it to the brewpub so we could listen to music when we were sitting outside!" We can connect it to our computers, our iPhones and our iPad! I can listen to music on my porch linking with the computer indoors. I absolutely love this little device. It comes in lots of colors too. I wish I had an orange one but until I wear out the one I have or give it away to someone, I am stuck with black!

Coming up soon: A list of my favorites for, books, opening paragraphs and more.  Keep watching.


If you buy this little sound bar be sure to read this post for instructions on how to set it up. If the company has not printed better instructions, you will be confused. It is not hard but they just don't use enough words.
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