Saturday, January 11, 2014

Capturing the Story: 5 Photographs that Tell a Story

I don't suppose I am doing this for you as much as for myself. The joy of taking pictures is one of my great loves. Being able to capture what I see with my minds eye and then bring it to my computer to make the image my very own is very satisfying. Adding my lovely iPhone camera to the mix and my life is perfect. Here are 5 images that tell a story.

Maddie just completed her horse show
which she absolutely loved...all of the pictures afterwards? Well not really!
Outside our favorite Mexican restaurant...a driving dog waiting for carry out?
Playing Scrabble with my daughter is not quite as modern as it could be.  The unabridged dictionary was her late mother-in-laws. We sat and played until the stars shone and the crickets sang.  It is one of my favorite memories. (iPhone)
He was walking on the sand near Cannon Beach, Oregon. His paraphernalia included a CD player, giant earphone, an umbrella and a spring in his step.  All he wanted was to "find a pretty lady to dance with". Oh, and he was nearing 90 years of age.
When to walk to the edge of Bald Peak State Park near Hillsboro, Oregon, you are treated to a view of the gorgeous Willamette Valley facing west.  On this fall afternoon the valley was shrouded in mist and the fall leaves glistened in the late afternoon sun. can't you smell fall in the air?
My youngest son had just graduated with his masters degree and we all gathered to celebrate. His baby loves her aunt a lot. She wanted to be just a little closer to Auntie so she grabbed her earrings...perfect kissing handles I think. (iPhone)

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