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Style: Help me find clothes that look wonderful....please!

I know! You think I am getting fat but it is not because I have gained weight.  Really it is not because of that.  I still wear the same size I have worn for many years.  But as my body ages I find that buying stylish and beautiful clothes is becoming more difficult. I don't want to wear bagging clothes or several layers. I don't want ruffles or gathers at the top of my blouse. My back is not fat so all that does is make a woman look bigger. Please don't expect me to buy those kind of clothes. Most importantly I was to look elegant...!
New Years Eve 2013.  We range in age from
ages 70 to 80. Posing is the key here.
I should not have stood at an angle to my
friend dressed in red. 

But please don't think that I can't afford to buy something that is stylish or even practical for everyday. But I just think that those stores we depend on for our knock about clothing could do better. As it is now,  I can find something that looks good on me but it is very expensive.

I want a knit top that has a slightly raised neckline at the back to cover the beginning of a dowager's hump. I have had these in the past and they are wonderful. I want my tops and sweaters to have some gathers at the side seam to give a loose top some fit.  I don't want a scoop neck that goes below the cleavage but I would like a little bit of a scoop.  I love long skirts. I don't want them at the ankle because it simply is not safe. I also want some choices in a skirt that is fitted and hits just at the mid-calf. A gray pencil skirt would be nice.

Dressing to show some shape in the winter
is hard. I may have pulled it off here but
I am not sure. Thoughts?

NOOOOO...all white is not good and the pose
is just not right! I need to practice more.
Dark colors seem to work best and
compliment my totally white hair.
I bought a Ralph Lauren dress that I absolutely love for New Years Eve. It was fitted but with gathers at the waist and a cowled neck.  I wore a cami that gave the dress a square line just above the cowl...this is a very good look for a woman of any age.  I wish the skirt had been slightly longer though. Oh, and I wish it had cost just a little less!

Doggone it, it is hard enough getting older but when the fashion world ignores anyone over 60, I don't think they are being smart.  Is the only way a woman my age can buy beautiful clothes to pay a fortune? The boomers are here and trust me, these women are not going to buy ugly and they are not going to spend more than they can afford!  There I said it!


PS: If you are writing an advice blog about clothing, modeling or body shape, please include more pictures! I am a very visual person!
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  1. Tell me about it. I have never had such a hard time shopping as I do now. I just turned 67 on the 23rd and retired last July. It seems most of the stores cater to young petites. Even my favorite store where I once bought all of my clothes now caters to the young crowd. Ironic because most of their shoppers are plus sized older women. I've even mentioned that to the manager to no avail.

  2. I think you look great in all the pix. All.

  3. mxtodis123,

    That plus sized dilemma is hitting all ages. My teen granddaughter was here last week so we went shopping at a mall that caters to younger shoppers. As I looked at the clothing I wondered who was buying a 0 or a 4! Maybe 11 year old girls have more money than we realize.

    But for my granddaughter it was very frustrating to have to look in "plus sizes" to find something that fit her personality and age.

    As for we older women, the fact that even Macy's has turned their back on us is very frustrating. I like target t-shirts that can run as low as $5-9 but I just wish they came in a variety of styles! Maybe I am going to have to take care of that matter myself and add a little sparkle or something.

  4. Carol,

    Thank you for stopping by. I will contact you soon. I still need some help!


  5. I too think you look great in all white. Actually I find it to be the kindest combination (or whatever) as it's surprisingly thinning and attractive.

    I hate to shop so I shop online--selection from anywhere and you can return.

    Macy's and Nordstorm's have great selections. Really. It's easier to look online than in the stores.

    I do like women within--cheap but trendy and I actually feel skinny as I'm such a small size in their sizing. Also the tunic tops--especially with handkerchief edges are very flattering. I prefer very "v" necks but will take the round ones as long. as they're nowhere near my neck--which I should hide but not with a collar

    Cato's is too young but would probably be perfect for your granddaughter.

  6. I think you look great in all the pictures. You can try adding some clunky jewellery, although I find it a bit heavy sometimes. After losing 45 pounds I found it frustrating to find clothes. Sometimes I hit the jackpot and sometimes I just donate the buy :-)

    One thing I did was go shopping with my daughter to help me find something stylish. And I force myself in the stores each season just to see what is new and the colours that are trending. I'm not great at putting things together and have had to force myself out of my black phase (although you look fab in the black outfit above). Try adding some colour outside your comfort zone. Scarfs work great too. And sometimes it's just nice to feel comfy and wear those big sweatshirts.

  7. Pia, I am glad to hear you say you shop online. I am trying more and more. As I find things I like at stores, I will come home and see what I can find in that brand. I do that when shoes were out that I love.

    I am surprised to say you like the white...I didn't think it was flattering at all. Maybe the white top was just a little too tight for me to feel comfortable.

    Thank you for taking the time to comment.

  8. Sandy, I think it is interesting that you would mention the chunky jewelry. I love it too but had forgotten about it for some reason. I will be adding it back to my wardrobe.

    In the cooler winter I use a scarf a lot but Arizona is so warm (especially this winter) I am uncomfortable. When I return to Oregon I will get them out and give them a try.

    Thank you for your input.

  9. Finding clothes that are flattering is becoming more of hassle for me as well. I really loved the days (long, long ago) when I could walk in, grab a size and know, without a shadow of a doubt, that it would fit. A size 4 (HA! toldcha a long, long time ago) was a size 4 no matter where I went. Now, what size I wear depends on, day, store, what I just had to eat, everything. Like you, I really like the tops with the gathers on the sides and if it has as droopy neck SCORE!

  10. Sabrina, I am with you! I found a black sweater last fall and bought it not realizing WHY it looked so good. That little bit of gathering at the waist on the side makes all the difference in the world. Now if we could encourage dress/sweater/t-shirt designers to bring the neck up a little in the back, we would be all set.


  11. I feel related to you!!! It so hard to find elegant pieces. Moreover I live in an Island that hasn't fashionable stores and I have to depend on some on-line with all the cons....
    But you look great in all the pictures you're sharing :)
    Thank you so much for linking with Très Chic Style Bits

    1. Thank you so much. I know what you are saying about living in a remote place with no shopping. I can recall shopping twice a year and getting everything I needed at those times. I cannot even imagine it now.

  12. I am going to be 57 in June, but I am encountering this problem too. Clothes that are stylish but appropriate for women, particularly those of us with a little bit "extra". One thing that helped me tremendously are the fashion blogs for women. I started with over 50 feeling 40 and fifty not frumpy then went to their links. I also found some great outfit ideas on Instagram. There are women posting outfit ideas in all age ranges, although the ones that I look at the most are over 50 since that is my demographic. You can look me up on Instagram at terrylovesfashion and from there link up to others who post or comment. BTW, I have that Ralph Lauren dress and love it, I got it for my daughter in law's wedding and got so many compliments. Good luck and happy fashioning !

    1. The dress is very daughter even asked to borrow it! A real compliment I think.

  13. Lol I meant my stepdaughter's wedding ! Yikes, senior moments are coming early !

    1. I am laughing at your "senior moment". Family dynamics are very confusing now so I didn't even notice until you mentioned it! That might be a "senior moment" for me...but I am allowed. I am 72.

  14. I have been a terrible shopper with no fashion sense my entire life. When I had to buy a mother - of - the - groom dress for our son's wedding, I was petrified. My sister took me on an all day shipping expedition which only told me what not to buy. Shopping on line turned out to be my salvation. I found my dress at the Nordstrom's website. $145 with free shipping and free return. We had checked out a bricks and mortar Nordstrom's, but had not seen my dress. I don't want to sound a death knell for real stores, but shopping on line---for everything from electronics to shoes, clothes and books is working for me.

  15. Hi Barbara, email me at and I would love to speak you about taking this to the next level...results!! Let me know how I can help! I am happier with my wardrobe at 60 than I ever have been and having more fun with fashion than I ever have. It is possible to do!


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