Monday, May 26, 2014

Patterns Snow Birds then buy!

RV parked in Mexico.
A friend that lives in Florida wrote me a note on my Facebook account today.  His comment was that people come to Florida for two or three month and repeat this pattern for a couple of years.  In the end they usually buy a park model or condo and come back to the same place every year. 

We see this same pattern in Arizona.  It would appear that snow birds are at home where ever they land! Here in Arizona those people that rent for two a three month and find they like the lifestyle will come back a second year, rent again and buy a park model during the second year.  Economics is simply cheaper to buy a park model in a RV resort and rent the lot than it is to rent a park model year after year.  If they are relatively wealthy they will buy a home or condo. Either way they can make themselves at home. There appears to be something for everyone.

It is very easy to make friends...activities in the resorts are so diverse that is you will find something that interests you.  Regional parties for those from the mid west or Canada, for example, give new comers an opportunity to find like minded people.  Pickle ball and bocci is very "age" friendly and a huge group of people participate.  These activities are great ice breakers.   And I believe that the pattern is repeated in every snow bird landing spot in America.  As my friend pointed out, geographical location does not change the course people will take during retirement. 

In our case we had traveled for nearly 9 years before we were ready to settle into one place.  But, in the end, we did what most snow birds do...we stayed in one place for two years, bought a park model, sold our RV and are spending 6 month of the year in Arizona.  We love it.

We are located in Rincon Country East RV Resort in Tucson, AZ.

It is all very interesting...the study of human nature.


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