Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Retirement: The Art of Waiting

My garden has taught me more lessons than any text book or experts advice. I was reminded of this one more time as I wandered past a beautiful clump of lupine that appeared in the east most spot at the far corner.

Lupine has always seemed to be one of those elusive plants that appear in mountain meadows. I had never imagined that I could tame them to grow near to my front door. When my husband plucked a dry pod from a neighbor's dying plant a couple of years ago, he planted it in our very new flower garden. I did not think that we would ever see a bloom. In the garden that day my husband said, "Wait."

I have never been a particularly patient person but I am learning that new art form as I grow older. In retirement our budget dictates what we do and what we buy. However, we do not give up anything we  want or need. We simply wait. At some later time what we desire will be financially available or emotionally possible. It is wonderful. So it was with the lupine. 

Now it is in bloom. The purple color it displays is beyond anything I could have ever hoped for. It was worth the wait.

Have a wonderful day.



  1. I miss my garden, but we decided to not only downsize, but move into a building. I love living here, but it is times like this that I miss those quiet evenings in my backyard garden.

    1. Yes, I know what you mean. We lived in a condo that absolutely forbade me from doing any gardening. I did have flower pots but it was not the same..

  2. Beautiful plant! There is nothing better than spending some quality time alone with your garden enjoying the flowers and plants and peaceful moments. As I get older I appreciate more and more the feeling of contentment just chilling in the backyard can provide. :)


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