Monday, June 16, 2014

Fun In Retirement: Writing a pretend book!

Laughed at the biography!
So, when is your book coming out, Barbara?ReplyDelete
Not anytime soon...I have too many things I like to do and sitting at my computer FOREVER is not something that is calling my name! Besides that, I have not written my biography, don't have a title and the beginning, middle and end are as yet unplanned. Yes it will be a while.    b+

    A blogging friend wrote this comments for the last post, When you write your first book, what will your bio say? Linda Myers is a blogger (Bag Lady in Waiting) that lives in the Pacific Northwest and has actually co-authored a book with her husband about his Vietnam experience. She knows what goes into writing a book. I, on the other hand, can only guess.

    Back when I started writing this blog, I did it as a piece of pretend publishing. The idea of being able to write something and see it in a place that others could look at it too was so appealing to me. I couldn't write my way out of a paper bag back then (and maybe still can't). I knew that if I were to get better, I would need to practice practice practice.

    Could it be that writing a book is much the same? Don't real authors with failed books leading up to a blockbuster know that the failure was what made them a success? The failed books turned out to be practice for the one that was really good. 

    See, I really never plan on writing a book. I don't have enough years in me to write twenty books and maybe arrive at a story that someone might want to read. 

    On the other hand, I know that if I don't "write a book" and I live for twenty years more, I will just only be very old and there will be no book. I have come up with the idea for a pretend book. I could write a title, create a table of contents...or not....write as many or few stories as I wanted. Say "THE END" and move on to my bio. I might start with the bio because at least I would know what to write.

    Doesn't that just sound like fun? In fact, I already have a three ring binder full of stories I could use. 

    So, it is a thought. We will see. What do you think? Should I create another pretend book blog and just start? HMMMMMM.



    1. I found myself nodding at what you said about practice, practice, practice.
      The more you do it, the better you get!
      I love that you already have a notebook full of stories!
      There's your starting place, right there!

    2. Sounds like you are ready to write, Barbara. Do it, for the fun of it! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

      1. I like that idea a lot Patti. Next time I will write a fashion blog.

    3. Not a whole lot different from blogging ... if you don't do it for the fun of it, why would you do it?

      1. I agree...I find my motivations changing all the time. What is happening with me is interesting. All the distractions are going away and I am finding that I have returned to what I originally set out to do. I like that a lot.


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