Sunday, June 8, 2014

Google Scares me a Lot: I could not access my Google App administrative console!

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I had such a big hiccup in my blog world this last week I almost had a 2 year old meltdown. The payment for my Gift Boomer blog domain was due and the payment was denied. Google scared me a lot because they told me that I could be cut off! And, when things go wrong, you don't get to talk to anyone at Google ever! AND I hear through the online grape vine that if their get rid of you, getting back in their good graces is very nearly impossible because, as I was saying before, you cannot explain yourself to anyone.

I swear there is a big computer room somewhere just cranking out rules and making stuff up. The only time a real person gets to have a say in that company is when they need to change a light bulb in that room.

The problem was my credit card had been compromised during the last year and I did not make connection between my new number and my domain re-registration. Google sent the link for me to sign in to my Google App administrative console for the domain and fix the problem. But I simply could not get it to work...I don't believe I even knew there was such a thing as a console. I even talked to the Google App representative and she tried all the things I tried but no luck. Like me, she kept saying "I just don't understand why this (or that) does not work!" I kept say, "I know!" She did admit that she could not connect be with the big boys and she one ONLY trained to do the app stuff. I even asked to talk to a supervisor but I was told they don't know anything either. See what I mean?

So after the second day of the struggle I began going to chat forums. I used the shotgun approach (a method of the asking a lot of different people the same question) to try to get some answers. Finally, I saw a grain of information that actually helped. It turns out, I have an email address ( that I needed to use when I sign into my Google App administrative console. Who knew! Hopefully it is fixed but I do not see that a payment has gone through so who knows.

If I disappear sometime soon, I want you to know I am not least not in the real world. Online though....maybe!

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