Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Aging: Are You Still Middle-Aged?

As I grow older I find it harder to find a group where I belong. Am I still middle-aged or am I something else that does not belong anywhere? The problem is, while I am 72, I don't think or feel old enough to be relegated just to AARP blog posting or even that Granparent.com gathering. In fact, I just don't understand what AARP is doing right now and limiting myself to a grandparents role seems foolish.
Midlife Boulevard

The main group that I connect with is called Midlife Boulevard with the emphasis on Midlife. The fact of the matter is, the thing we have in common is our sex and not our age! It is a wonderful connection for me. Incidentally, you will find an article of mine on the front page of that web site today. The article is called Getting Cussed Out.

I am also a member of a group that follows Satisfying Retirement written by Bob Lowry. Bob is a friend and we have spent some time together within the past year. He writes about his retirement, financial matter and has published a couple of books. Bob is several years younger than I am. As a result of being on his blogger list I also have a few men that comment on my blog. I like that connection too.

Several years ago I joined a group called Studio30+. That group is for writers in their 30s. I was just curious what people in that age group were talking about. I got this lovely email asking me why I was joining them...they thought I was way too old. They were very understanding and let me stay. It was because of that connection I found Lonesome Jackalope, a fellow blogger that wrote a hilarious guest article for me about his very first letter from AARP. We still connect on twitter and email.

I honestly cannot tell you how old I am most of the time. I have to subtract and divide to get the right number. I am not 30, 50 or anything close to it. I act somewhere in between the cracks. So am I still middle-aged or should I respectfully dismiss myself and join whatever? No, I don't think I am going to do that. It seems to me that way too much is made of "age groups" and that we don't fit into any drawer unless we make that choice. So am I still middle-aged? Probably but who can tell.



  1. Hi Barb. Yeah I am one of those guys who discovered you from Bob's website. (I sure hope he starts up again after his RV trip). I always seem to think of myself as about 45 years old. But when the aches and pains come I know differently. Giving up the "middle-age" category is tough to do but unless you are planning on living to 144 you are not there anymore. :)

    1. I suppose you are right...darn! How about ageless? That would work don't you think?

  2. I don't know either. Inside my head I feel about 45. Outside, in my "limping from a piriformis strain caused by the Pacific Northwest extreme sport called gardening" state, older than that. I'd say, at age 65, I'm in late middle age. You can say that about yourself too.

    1. Thank you Linda...all I needed was permission.

  3. Ah, I've been a misfit with age for several years now. During my last few work years prior to my retirement, I was the old crone of the office. I was twenty years older than my oldest co-worker. That's an entire generation and we had nothing in common. Now I attend a senior center several times a week, and I find myself the 'baby' of the group. Personally, at 67 I identify with late middle age, especially where I stand right now. It's amazing how, when I was the oldster of the group, I felt older, but now as the baby I feel young. All in the mind.

    1. Mary, I have had that same experience! I wondered if it was just me. When we went to live in our RV resort the first year, we were the youngest acting around. People were just dumbfounded at what we did. But when I am with my daughter's friends I find myself being careful what I say and flying very low. I feel old and I don't want them to make fun of me.

      It is all very interesting.


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