Saturday, July 19, 2014

Kicking Back an Expensive Resort....perfectly affordable!

Now I know you will say that this lifestyle is very expensive...resorts like the Black Butte Ranch here in Central Oregon come with a pretty big price tag. But...most of the houses here are really large, equipped with beautiful kitchens, deck and lots of outdoor living. The trick is to find someone to share the house with you.

We are staying in a house that will sleep 10 and this is not a big house at all. If we were to share this house it would cost us about $400 each for 3 couples. We are here for 4 nights and three days. We have not eaten out, the large resort pool is free and a bicycle rental comes in at around $20 a day for the basic model. Oh my gosh...this is absolutely wonderful.

Of course here in Central Oregon it is all about the scenery. We have wonderful views of the The Three Sisters Mountain, Faith, Hope and Charity and meadows. Then there is shopping and a wonderful gin making industry. (There are lots of juniper trees around.)

We are having a blast:

My beautiful family before....

...the circus came to town!


  1. Nice that you could get your family there. We had a gathering a couple of weeks ago at Schweitzer Mountain, near Sandpoint, Idaho. It was hard for people to take the time off and do the drive. But a big house would be a good idea.

    1. I think our friends would do this with us if we had enough room that there would some privacy for a little bit of time. We could have been very comfortable in our room or on a corner of the deck with our book.

      We also found that a corner by the pool or even a walk did the trick.

      We had a wonderful time.



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