Friday, July 4, 2014

Retire with Like-minded People! Tucson AZ

Saguaro Nation Park
55+ Living...The Academic Village

What kind of people do you like to be around?  Are you a reader, writer, learner? Are you a healthy, inquisitive person that sees retirement as an opportunity to pursue all those interests you never had time for while working?  Are you looking for a location in the southwest sunshine? Well I may have found the place for you.

Here in the Tucson area we have a retirement community called The Academic Village.  The develop features homes and town homes built to fit in this beautiful desert setting.  The town homes begin at around 930 square feet for $179,000.  The homes are priced at $304,000 for a house of over 1600 square feet   From there the size of the homes as well as the prices go up.  I have heard that the community attracts people from the academic community and similar backgrounds and is very active in the arts.  When I read about the amenities and activities, I was very interested. 

The village is located east of Tucson well outside the city limits in a beautiful setting surrounded by the the mountains.  I think the setting is breathtaking.

The Arizona Senior Academy sets at the center of the community and is affiliated with the University of Arizona.  The bullet points for this facility caught my attention:
  • A retirement community based on easily available continued learning and wellness
  • Living among neighbors with a like-minded approach to retirement
  • Classes, lectures, concerts, and cultural programs of all kinds
  • Affiliate of the University of Arizona, including access to the University library
Living among neighbors with a like-minded approach to retirement could to be a very interesting concept for retirement.  It is true, don't you think, that we are looking for a place where we will "fit".  It can take a very long time to find that perfect place. This is a very unique concept for retirement living and may be the perfect place to retire in style!

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