Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Dining Out: Let's NOT Talk About Money! Let's Have Some Dessert!

I think it is very interesting how we older people are willing to talk about money in front of our friends. We will actually say things out loud that we thought we were only thinking. Bless our wee cotton socks...did we just say that?

For example, we will take one look at the bill after dinner and grumble about how much the coffee or dessert costs. When we take a look at the menu, the first thing that comes out of our mouth is "this is a lot more expensive that the place up the street"...out the waiter and other patrons can hear. Forget about the lovely possibilities for food...just tell me how much that cup of soup is please!

English: A dessert with pudding, fruits and ch...
Expensive dessert or a money pit? (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Sometimes I beg people to leave the subject alone but all I get is "oh Barbara!" and to think that I even say "please". Then I find myself doing the same thing.

See, I was taught that money was a very poor topic of conversation. We didn't talk about it even though it was on our mind. My poor father bit his tongue and paid the bill. He was very good about that...and so is my husband. I, on the other hand, may spill the beans and mention how much things cost. It is not good.

This is how we should handle case you are interested. We could pick a restaurant based on the food and how many $$$$ the rating tell us it might be. Then, we could order what we can afford. We should revel in the experience and make the most of the occasion. Once we pick the restaurant and are seated, no mention should ever be made of the price tag.

I cannot tell you how many times we have celebrated with our family (college graduation, rehearsal dinner, vacation, anniversaries etc.) and went home to think about what piece of furniture we could have purchased with the money we just spend on a meal! But would we have changed anything...I don't know. I am the one to complain. Still, once in a while, not every time, but just occasionally it feels good to just enjoy without using a coupon. I need to get over it.

I am just saying. So does money come up in the conversation on a date or a special occasion in your family? How do you handle it?

Have a wonderful day.



  1. My friends in Florida want separate checks. I pity the waitstaff. My friends in New York all order about the same $$ entree, have one drink, share a few desserts and split the bill evenly amongst themselves. Be prepared.
    I don't think about the cost of the food because I'm enjoying the experience of being with my friends. If I'm concerned about costs, I stay home and cook.

    1. I pity the waitaff too. Can't you just hear them..."Oh my goodness, here they come AGAIN!" Sigh.

  2. We've just passed that mark where, instead of us picking up the check for our offspring and families, they either chip in their share or pay the whole thing! I remember my parents always picked up the check - until I was about 40. Sharing in the responsibility was a mark of success - even if it was just Baskin Robbins!

    1. Isn't that wonderful? I love when my family does that too. We do take turns husband has a lot of pride.

      But when we are out with friends that is never, never going to happen with everyone in the group. It doesn't seem fair that one couple does it over and over and another sits on their hands. Many are better at sharing than others.

      Be well Linda.


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