Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Travel: Victoria...getting there is easy!

Victoria, BC is one of those beautiful little cities located on the water that seems to call you back again and again. I am not sure if there are any first time visitors left on the west coast because there certainly weren't any on the ferry that took us from Seattle through the Puget Sound to the southern tip of Vancouver Island. 

In order for us to get there we chose to ride Amtrak from Portland to Seattle. It was one of the easiest trips we have taken in quite a while. No car or driving to worry about. There were lots of taxis to take us from the King Street Amtrak Station to the ferry terminal and the ferry ride was very reasonable.  Here are a few of the pictures I took on this trip. I hope you like them.
Victoria brags about it's 30+ floating
houses located on their Fisherman's Wharf. 
The tiny water taxis take visitors from the
down town across the bay to the wharf. 
We are never far from our first love...Mexican food.
In Victoria a floating house
is home to the family that operates the restaurant dock side.
Sammy the seal is treated to so many fish that he
refuses to surface every time a
 visitor buys a fish to feed him.
The food is excellent and shopping is great...but there is so much more. Butchart Gardens, a bus that becomes a boat, a beautiful museum, butterfly gardens and the wonderful crown jewel, the Fairmont
Fairmont Empress Hotel gardens.
Empress Hotel.

We stayed in the Chateau Victoria Hotel and Suites and thought it was wonderful. It is located a couple of blocks from the water and in the heart of downtown. The hotel has a beautiful top floor restaurant with a fabulous view. We ate at 10 Acres Bistro.

I'll be going back soon. Victoria is just too close not to enjoy as much a possible.


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  1. Victoria, BC is one of those beautiful little cities located along the water that seems to call you back again and once more.In that location are fantastic tide pools at the westward end of the island, on the road west of Sooke. Keep up the delightful sharing.


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