Thursday, July 31, 2014

Let's see if we can get Grandma on a carnival ride!

I know they invited me along just to get me on a ride and then hear me squeal like a pig. I didn't care. I went along anyway. Is there anything more fun than a county fair? 

While we loved the goats and pigs and sheep and the horses, in the end it was all about the children, carnival rides, cotton candy and laughing like a kid. What a wonderful day.

Snug as a bug...or a pig?

Food Coma...yes the pig on the left
fell asleep with it's snout in the straw! 
5 Wooly Sheep in blankets on
a hot summer day!

She always wondered what a pig snout looked like
up close.
I swear she could drive one of these
even though she has no idea what it is.

Pre-ride giggles!

Pretty enough to eat...

...and more!

Just pure rides for me though. I said I had some mythical ailment. I am just plain chicken!



  1. Annah, Thank you for stopping by and actually reading the post. :) I love those rides too...just look at those beautiful pictures. I just have never really wanted to get on one. The Ferris Wheel is just about my speed.

  2. Nothing like a fair to bring out the child within! But I am with you - I wouldn't go anywhere near a ride! Grandchildren certainly bring back old feelings, don't they!


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