Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Happy Hour: Enough Already...I want french fries!

The Happy Hour Couple!
Supper time was approaching and I had a pork loin with trimming ready to be prepared. I had tomatoes, greens, cucumbers and apples ready to go. Our garden is a bounty right now and I am working on using every bit of it and have been for 6 weeks or so. It was just as I put on my apron that my husband expressed the desire to go out for "Happy Hour". I was excited. I like going out even if it is just to Home Depot. I am a very cheap date.

But I am not a beginner in this business of marriage. I know that the phrase, "Happy Hour", has two very different meanings. It depends on if you are a female or a male. Here is the way it went:
I was thinking wine and a green salad. 
My husband was thinking beer, sliders and fries. 
I slipped on a slinky long skirt, put on some makeup and jewelry...I was going out on a date.  
My husband got up out of the chair and walked to the his t-shirt and shorts...he was going out to get some real food. Enough with the vegetable already!
He took me to a beautiful restaurant with outdoor seating (good on him). I was impresses. He had managed in some magical way to make us both very happy. I love Happy Hour! Oh, and I love my husband too.


Note: Stanfords here in Portland now serves the Happy Hour menu on the outside patio. The selection very large, the happy hour wine is great and they do have very good sliders. (I'm just saying!)


  1. At this point (late afternoon and in the office) it all sounds delicious.

    Please pass both of your plates. :-)



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