Thursday, September 25, 2014

Travel: The Beautiful People of San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

He was very proud of the process he used to
make the chocolate products he sold.

Our hosts are Casa Mia Suites were the
absolute best!
In the end it is always the people that stay with you. Whether it is a train ride to the Portland Pearl District or a weeks stay in San Miguel de Allende in Mexico, the adventure always has a face.

In the case of San Miguel, my husband continued a tradition we started in Spain over 10 years ago when I took a picture of the waiter at a restaurant in the Alhambra. Since that time we have accumulated photos of people from around the world...and the USA. Here are a few we took this last week in Mexico:
Chocolate and a smile! He was very gallant and sweet...I liked that a lot.
I think the scent of chocolate came home with
us and even permeated our clothing. 
Oaxacan rug maker came to town once every
3 months. We bought one of his creations. He was grateful for a sale and
patted me on the shoulder as though I were his grandmother.
A startling gorgeous bride parading with her groom, friends and family.
They were all dressed in white.

She smiled a beautiful crooked tooth smile
when I ask to take her picture but made sure
she was hard at work when the actual picture was taken.
In spite of the cobblestone streets and tiny colonial streets
 there are constant reminders that it is, soldiers with
guns and luxurious Mercedes.
The school children had just completed walking in a parade for
their schools. This little girls must have scuffed her shoes because
this man, her grandfather perhaps, was treating her to a shoe shine.
I am sure there will be more but for now I am done. We will move on and begin planning a trip t Dubai. Stay tuned!

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  1. Barbara! You have done a great work. I think it is the very unique idea to explore the people with their professions and other work. I really like your all pictures especially the lovely bride and the groom, the old women and the little girl in the school uniform. I can imagine how much you enjoyed your trip in Mexico because it is a stunning place. I want to say you best of luck for your next Dubai tour. I am sure you will enjoy it too because Dubai never disappointed anyone. I have visited it last month after coming from chinese bus tours from toronto to montreal. It was a great experience in this magnificentcountry.


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