Monday, September 15, 2014

Travel: Mexican Independence Day in San Miguel de Allende, Mx

Honestly, we don't plan this sort of thing. Because we are not Mexican Citizens we did not realize that when we made reservations for our vacation, we would be arriving in San Miguel Allende on Mexican Independence Day. Really, we need to start paying closer attention....or not.

See, the wonderful thing about running around blindly is that you do run into some very cool things. That is what happened to us today.

We arrived in San Miguel this afternoon. This beautiful old city was in the midst of a huge celebration. Today is Mexican Independence Day! Paper flags hung over the streets and a crowd had gathered in the plaza in front of the cathedral. Stages were set up for performances and for speeches and singing of the national anthem. It was, in fact just amazing and beautiful.

If I were to compare it to our 4th of July, it actually seemed like a lot more fun. The center of the city was alive and businesses remained open for shopping. Restaurants were crowed and this evening the celebration was beginning to come alive. There will be fireworks and I can hear the band playing in the distance. While we seem to gather in families on the 4th, this community of families gather in the square.

San Miguel is about 1hr 40 minutes from Guanajuato, Mexico

Lunch in Delores Hildago, Mx.
We are staying at a place called Casa Mia Suites on Correo just a few blocks from the Cathedral and a short walk to the center of town. Our room is just wonderful. Because we are on the 3rd floor we can look out over the city. I think we scored without even trying.

Viva Mexico!!!
San Miguel Roof Tops


  1. What fun! I keep hearing about this place and my wife loves Mexico. So we booked a week there and cannot wait to experience it first hand. We are intrigued about the easy walking distance to the downtown, the overall artsy feel and the tasty restaurants yet to be discovered. I even read a recent post recommending San Miguel de Allende as a good retirement location. Who knows... Enjoy your trip!

    1. Dave, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Read the other posts for more about our trip.

  2. Maybe people who liked this post are thinking about living in San Miguel. What if you knew the answers to the questions you have to ask? What about crime, health care, housing? What about cost of living and nearly 20 other issues? My new book shines a light on the subject. It’s called Living in San Miguel: The Heart of the Matter, and there’s a sample on my website or on Amazon.

    1. John is the voice of San Miguel. I bought his books that featured interview with expats. I read it as I was visiting the city. I was grateful for his insights.


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