Sunday, December 7, 2014

How hot was it in Tucson Arizona this summer?

If you think it doesn't get hot in the desert I've got some information for you. Here is a picture of a poinsettia that survived the summer with our sprinkler system on. It looks like something that Charlie Brown would have or maybe the Adams family. I don't have any idea how. Above it you can see the picture of the thermometer that hung in the sun this summer. 

Blogging with my phone:

This is the most unhandy thing I have ever done. Blogging with my phone is not a good way to get things done. I am still waiting for Cox Communication to install our Internet. I'm not sure if it was their fault or if it was mine but whatever the case may be this Techie is not happy.

Tomorrow afternoon I'll be back doing what I love to do, maybe.

Hang in there with me please.


  1. We lived for 48 hours without the internet. It was a challenge.

    1. Right now 48 hours seems like a walk at the park. We're still waiting patiently. They're supposed to come between one and three and it's now 10 minutes till 2 o'clock in the afternoon.

  2. Funny picture ... and Tucson's not as hot as Phoenix, is it?

    1. It's Charlie about 10° cooler in Phoenix than it is here. But I can't imagine it couldn't be any hotter there than it was here. The face of that thermometer is even melted.


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