Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Woman Gives Birth to a Plastic Doll or the Great Flamingo War of 2015

My husband and I are the proud owners of a flamingo. She first came to our RV resort 12 years ago. About 7 years ago I made the mistake of admiring her beauty and asking who her owner was. The very next day I became her custodian. The neighborhood had been waiting for a sucker like me. I have taken very good care of her since the very first day.

She had a little short somewhere so if you touched her when she was plugged in you got a little buzz. People liked that at lot. I was told that she move her head up and down when she was plugged in. I didn't like the shock so I didn't plugged her in very often after the first time. I did not notice a moving head. The old bird was showing her age I think. I named her Theodora because she seemed to represent all the ghosts that inhabit our little park.  She came to life in my mind back in the day when I wrote fiction.

Eventually she found her way to the rear of our park model behind the propane tank. I even forgot about her she was so well hidden.


A few weeks ago a neighbor built a fish pond in front of their park model complete with goldfish, metal frogs and a fountain. The pond was the talk of the neighborhood. A neighborhood prankster spotted the flamingo and asked to "borrow" the pink darling and give her a new home. Our caveat was that the new home was to be the new home beside the pond...we did NOT want her back. Besides she looked so perfect near that pond.

But I guess the pond builders didn't recognize her charm. Within a day or two Theodora reappeared in our front yard and the new flamingo owner was seen disappearing around the corner of our house. My husband jumped out of his chair, grabbed the bird, flew down the street returning her to her rightful place next to the fountain and the goldfish. That is where she remained for a while. I almost forgot her again.

It was the quiet before the storm...The Great Flamingo War of 2015 erupted on a Tuesday afternoon after a bocce ball game. We yelled at each other from a distance and I even think I saw the new owners shake their fist at us and yell, "It isn't over yet." I'm not sure I heard them right but I was pretty sure we might be in trouble. In the middle of it all sat my beloved Theodora. I was sorry that no one wanted her even though I didn't want her at all.

This morning, low and behold, Theodora reappeared on the corner of our lot holding a baby wrapped in a diaper. It seems that I am the proud mother of a small plastic doll. I was told that the baby had already received a haircut so that was very nice.

Best of all I love the note that said,
It has become quite obvious to us that you two do not have enough to  keep you busy and out of trouble. So here is our solution.
Please don't forget the 2 AM feeding! Good luck with Baby Torris 
Best of all the envelop told me to "smoke this in a blog post". So here I am.

As for not being busy enough...that was said tongue in cheek. See we just finished remodeling our little kitchen, recently threw a party for over 100 people complete with band and popcorn, and are in the process of upgrading our Arizona room. When people come by, I just let them in because I am too tired to argue. But I am consoled by the fact that plastic dolls don't really need to be fed at 2:00 a.m....right?

Funny thing is someone wanted Theodora as soon as they spotted her this morning. Maybe she will find a new happy home after all.

Golly, I love this place!


Thank you to anyone that helped in the conspiracy. You made our day a lot more fun! You are all very a good way. :)

Theodora, the baby and the proud new!
Our new kitchen!


  1. A bottle of "Daddy Sauce" came back from England in my son's suitcase. Everyone thought the catsup like bottle was pretty funny, but no one wanted it. Anytime we got together, the "Daddy Sauce" got left at the host and hostesses house. In the pantry, in the refrigerator, in the medicine cabinet, in a sock drawer. We never new when the "Daddy Sauce" was going to show up.
    Tons of laughs over one little bottle of catsup. (Yes, it really is called "Daddy Sauce.")

    1. So cute...did momma have a plastic baby made out of a plastic catsup bottle? And what just exactly is "Daddy Sauce"? It sounds a little scarey to me!

  2. I noticed your blog entry title, on another blogger's sidebar list. who could resist that title? not I. so I clicked and popped over and the post was worth it. such fun!!!!!

    (in the snowy, icy, cold, windy NE)

    1. Thank you traffic is all about the title. I am glad to know that it caught your interest. Please come back soon.


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