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9 Ways to Deal With (annoying?) Cell Phone Calls or Why Don't They Answer?

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English: Phone box A rare sight these days, an old fashioned red phone box outside the Old Stores in Yarpole village. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have three email addresses, an iPhone with text messaging and Whatsapp. I have an iPad too. Skype is loaded and ready to go. I seldom use any of them because everyone I know is very busy. It is very difficult to get a response from anyone. Does anyone else have this problem?

It hasn't been that many years ago that we wrote a letter on a piece of paper and put it in the mail. We were willing to wait for an answer and, if the answer did not come, the other person could always claim that it had never arrive..."darned postal service messed up again," they would say. No one's feelings were hurt.

But we need a whole new list of excuses for not responding. My phone battery is dead, I didn't hear the beep and so on when the truth is the person on the other end of the phone probably did not feel like answering you. Remember, with caller ID on phones, everyone knows who is calling if the number is in their contacts list. No excuse can change that.

I think you would agree that there is probably a need for some clarification for intended use by the cell phone owner. Everyone needs to be very up front about how they are going to use that device and honest with themselves about what they are doing. Do you...
  1. Never answer the phone but leave instruction on voice mail telling people that you do not answer your phone but will respond to messages then erase the ones that annoy you?
  2. Block all those people you never intend to respond to ever no matter who they are?
  3. Make excuses that are not true when people ask you about a call or text?
  4. Give out your cell number and then blow everyone off? 
If you are doing those things, ask yourself "why" and make an effort to let your contacts know about your attitude. (I would be curious to hear how you did that in a nice way.) Or rethink your actions.

If you are the one struggling with cell phone using friends or family you might consider these suggestions:
  1. Take the hint and quit calling!
  2. If you want to communicate with them, write a letter and mail it.
  3. Always fill in the subject line when you send a text or email. Abbreviate the information so they will at least know why your are trying to contact them. If you don't hear back, so be it!
  4. Do not call family at work unless you are bleeding or in the ambulance.
I heard a man talking on his phone recently. He was telling his daughter to never call him on his cell phone. He told her he was the only one that could use the phone. Wow! This technology really has us confused it seems. 

Does anyone have any ideas? Please share.


It is just a thought!

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