Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Time: It's All Relative!

 I read many years ago that a child's perception of time was based on how big they were. When my grandchildren walk beside me, because my stride is bigger than theirs, I will arrive at the corner sooner than they will. So it is with time.

Shayliana and Brayden. Does time go slower for her than
it does for her big brother?
The distance also appears further to them. When I look down the block to the corner, I am not overcome by how far it is. But for them that block looks like a mile.

As you can see time is on my mind today. It is going so fast that I cannot remember if I just changed the sheets or if that was last week. My thinking is always, "How could it be a week already?"

I suppose that has something to do with aging. Our time is short so it seems unfair that it is going faster than we care to admit.

Sue Mae is Hmong. She is very small compared to me.
Does time go slower for her?

In an article written by Belle Beth Cooper  she pointed out that "the funny thing is, by focusing on what you were doing, you actually slowed down time (or how your brain perceived that time, anyway)." The actual time that passed is always the same but it is all relative to how I spend the week.

Maybe that is why time is flying. We are just doing what is routine. It really has nothing to do with how big or old we are. It has to do with keeping our minds active and learning new things. Isn't that interesting?

What we do with the hours and minutes of every day is very important. Like a small child walking to the corner, we need to focus on every step, not fall and learn what we can. Time is our friend when we fill it to the brim with new experience. Otherwise, our life will slip away and we will have nothing to show for it!

Just a thought!



  1. Interesting. I noticed on my Withings app on my phone that I didn't do much exercise last week. I wondered what I did that kept me so inactive. I had no idea. After all, that was last week. I must have been busy doing something.

    Today, the day has seemed long. I was up very early and made a trip to Denver. I drove in the dark the entire way. I focused on the driving, not the time of day. Then, my schedule was pretty crazy when I got home because I had things to get done. It seemed it took me a long time to accomplish all I had to do. When I saw the time when I finally finished my tasks, I felt it should be later in the day.

    The days do slip by. I try to accomplish something important everyday, but other days, it is good to just read a book. I no long measure the importance of the day on how much I got done. To me, this is a freeing thing.

  2. You know I am the same. If I drop into bed with a list of things accomplished, I am a happy woman. I fill the late afternoon and evening with books, crossword puzzles, cooking and of course, TV. But if I don't exercise or keep busy, I don't sleep. I am working to overcome that issue. Sigh!

    Have wonderful day.



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