Saturday, November 28, 2015

Words I Think We Should NEVER Use

See, the thing is I love the holidays. It doesn't really matter about the stress or the traffic or even the money. I just love the whole thing from beginning to end. I think we such use the word "love" a lot more. So there you have it.

I don't remember what year this was
but I loved Christmas even then.
I saw that someone actually "hated" Christmas the other day. There could be a lot of reasons why. But still, how could saying that word hate out loud help. It seems to me that it is a word we should not use. Not that I follow my own advice all of the time. It does slip out once in awhile.

A mistake was made in a statement by an acquaintance and a friend of mine said he had lied. See, I don't think that a mistake is a lie. A lie requires deceit and malice. It seems to me that calling someone a liar needs to be done with great care.

But let me qualify this opinion because, even though I don't call my husband a liar, I will tell him his pants are on fire once in awhile. I think that is perfectly okay because he actually was lying (not telling the truth through) his teeth!

Then there are those time we are tempted to call someone or something stupid. That is another one of those words that could be put on the shelf forever. Stupid is a description that is hurtful and demeaning. Even small children know that they are not suppose to call anything or anyone s_____.

So, in order to get this beautiful season off to the right start, I believe that we all need to take a deep breath and let the joy overtake the other stuff. I am just saying (with a smile on my face.) We just need to be nice. How hard could it be.

Can you add to the list? Maybe we can find substitutes. HELP!


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