Sunday, July 17, 2016

Oh my gosh, I'm going to have to tell Carole!

My friend and I always miss each other a great deal when we come back home. We love the winter in Arizona, eat together once in awhile and talktalktalk. Our parting words every spring are "Don't you go and die on me!" I know it is strange but Carole and I is like that.

She has lost many friends in the past few years because she has so many friends to lose. It makes her sad. I don't like for Carole to be sad. So this story is all about keeping Carole happy.

Carole in Red!
I have had a kinda a rough spring/summer season. It all started with a place on my nose, a burn on my hand and an allergy season that beat anything. All in all, I was the walking wounded. But, if you knew me, you would know that I don't pay much attention to my health. Every day I wake up grateful, and make a concerted effort to avoid thinking about my aches and pains.

A long time can pass before I actually begin to realize that I am sick.

But I am a good little camper and I do have my blood tested on time and get the usual checks. I don't want to die of being lazy.

That is why I had my blood tested a couple of weeks ago. A few days later my doctor's nurse called and wanted me to come back in for a follow up visit to discuss the results. That had never happened before. I was suffering with breathing problems that always are a worry but had gotten a new med that was working wonders. So what was the problem? I was a little worried.

I thought I could figure out what the doctor was going to say before I went in if I look at the test result again. After all how hard could it be. By simply clicking the small information icon I was lead to pages and pages of information for what each result could mean. I actually read what each and every number on the "test result" information indicated. Oh-my-gosh...I am going to die.

Yes, I am dizzy (if I tilt my head just right).
Yes, my vision is a little blurred (when I look out of corner of my eye).
Yes, when I raise my arms up really high, I have a shooting pain (once in awhile).
And my glucose was getting high...not good.
Yes, yes, yes.
I think I have cancer or anemia or maybe I am developing Alzheimer! This is NOT good.

Then I began to think how sad my grandchildren were going to be. I was sure that my husband would not know what to do.

As I was stewing I remembered Carole...OH MY GOSH! I WAS GOING TO HAVE TO TELL CAROLE I WAS DYING! Darn, Darn, Darn! That was the one thing of all the things that occurred to me that I really did not want to do! She would be sad and pity me and I couldn't figure out how to hide the fact that I was dead! Again, darn darn darn!

I am sure you have figured out that my imagination was running wild for no reason. It is all good. I am not dying and I am not diabetic and won't be until the cows come home. My doctor reprimanded me for not walking more, sent me to a class on a better diet and is making me more aware of how health issues will play out. No more head in the sand for me. Like that old ironing basket I talked about yesterday, there will be no hiding from myself.

As for Carole, she never reads my blog so she will never be any the wiser. Isn't that wonderful. Life is good.

And, I will never, never read all those warnings and information on my health care website. That stuff just plain scares me.



  1. Oh our minds can run wild with worry, especially after a call from a doctor and test results which could mean anything. I am glad you will not have to distress Carole with the news that you are dead. For a serious post this was also a funny one. Be well.

    1. Well, we may as well laugh...and I do a lot! As for not giving Carole the new...I am very glad too! :)

  2. I too can have my mind run wild with possibilities if I get a call like that one from your doctor. Glad that diet and exercise are the ticket and not meds! :-)


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