Sunday, October 2, 2016

Tax Returns...Whatever (yawn)

I don't care about the 900,000,000+ loss on Trump 1995 tax return. I care about how Trump might make the world a better place.

It turns out that so much of the stuff that is suppose to be shocking isn't...not anymore. After living through so many elections and political conjuring I am past even raising an eyebrow.

I did not care about Bill Clinton's sex scandal...I didn't care and I certainly didn't want to know. History had shown me that the ego of a president leads him to do stupid things in their private life. It has always been so.

I did not care about the moral majority nearly as much as I should have. I was insulted when they implied that I was going to hell but not that much. I don't believe in hell so what the heck.

And I do not care that Donald Trump is such a bad business man that he lost $915,729,293 in 1995. He has big problems but it is the way that business is done in his bad banking circle of friends. (I will care if he is elected and does that to our country.)

What I do care about is a seeing a glimmer of hope in one fact that shows he has some charitable thoughts. Has he ever done anything that did not make him look big and important? Has he ever made the world a better place even for one day?

Don't talk to me about beauty pageants or golf courses please. Not that a few women didn't benefit from that but a picture is emerging that leads a common woman like me to see that there was no sacrifice and there was a lot of ogling. As for the golf courses, I like to play golf too but something tells me I will never play on one of his courses. That is fine but golf course building is not a charitable activity.

So, as for the $915,729,293 loss on a 1995 tax return, I don't care! All that does is confirm what we thought we knew. What I care about is a president that will make this world better. 

What do you think?


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  1. I'm bothered by the fact that he views himself as smart for having not paid federal taxes for 18 years. For the average middle class person who works hard and pays her/his fair share of taxes, it's a slap in the face.

    The SNL clip from last night was hilarious. I thought that Alec Baldwin did an outstanding job impersonating Trump :-)

    1. Don't forget that we all fill out the tax form (or have some very smart lawyer/accountant do it for us). If we don't, we pay more than our fair share so we pay everyone else's taxes too.

      Having said that we should always keep in mind that charity begins at home. We all need to support the charity of our choice. Government can't do it all. And it makes our country a better place.

      If you know what Trump has done for any charity, let me know!

  2. He is smart for using the laws of the land. Have you never written off a loss? How about a loan? BTW- there is NO proof that he did not pay taxes- that is conjecture. He has paid taxes - lots of them- property taxes probably being the highest amount. Those taxes go to the immediate community.
    BTW- We still provide housing for Hillary. They charge the Secret Service the cost of the mortgage on their NY home. They also have a home in the Bronx- opps- that is the charity's headquarters. She may pay taxes on the speeches to foreign governments that cut off heads of people they do not like, but they also spend that tax money quite nicely. Who has been driving her around for the last twenty years?
    Has Trump done a sliver of good for others? I would say that providing jobs to thousands of people in pretty good. I would say that promoting women to high positions in his company is good. This might be interesting to you:
    One of the best witnesses though, for me, is my cousin. She was the regional director for March of Dimes. She said Trump was a "if you have a good cause and can show the numbers needed, he will write the check" kind of businessman. But then, why would the media ever tell you that?

    I don't like the man, but I dislike more the stories that are told about him.
    I , also, loved the SNL. A good laugh after a long week of looking at new health care plans. ~Jan

    1. Jan,

      I don't see anyplace where I said that he should not write off his losses. If you read the whole post, you would be wondering what good he has done. It is not a battle over who paid taxes or not. It is a battle over who can/will do some good .

      Thank you for your comment.

  3. Ugh. My first comment disappeared... I do have concerns about his taxes because I think it shows what kind of man, citizen, and businessman he is. Beyond that, you're right. What sort of good is he planning for the rest of us. A man who is content to game the system while the rest of us pay our dues (notwithstanding valid tax credits for working stiffs and parents) and support our military and other benefits all Americans receive, has zero chance of earning my vote.

    1. I think we need to put the question out there. Maybe he is a philanthropist that does not take the deduction on his taxes for helping others...maybe. But somehow I just don't think so!

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