Friday, March 24, 2017

The Game's Afoot

The Game's Afoot Dear Watson
I have been a fan of the Sherlock series both the one on BBC and the one here in the United States. The idea that when good is fighting evil, the satisfaction comes not only from getting to the finish line but also from running as fast as is possible. The thrill of the quest is sometimes all that is required. As Sherlock would say "the game's afoot."

So, here in the USA, we are in the midst of our college basketball championship season so game seem to be on everyone's minds. Even here on the world of bloggers. It may turn out that the "game" is becoming a meme of sorts.

Michelle Poston over at Rubber Shoes in Hell talked about the game of know that one where a person's story of their life is so much worse than anyone else's. I was playing this game when the man I was talking to reminded me that he flew in Vietnam and lost his friends in that war. I lost one. Recently, when it was pointed out to me that women loves to stay home with babies, so men worked much harder than women did. Actually, I gave up on that one because I felt a little bit of pity for the guy.

Another post by Carla Birnberg on Unapologetically Herself talked about being average. She embraced her "averageness" pointing out that being average is not a bad thing. In fact, being successful does not necessarily mean being above average. I liked her post a lot because it reminded me that games are not necessarily about winning
but are also about life choices.

I am not a game player in anyway. The fact that I play golf as a game surprises me as much as it does anyone else. I like to be good at whatever I do but that does not mean that I need to win to feel good about myself. That is just me. But...sometimes I will say that I do know that "the game's afoot!" and I know that I do want to win...a lot. Generally that feeling results from the need to prove a point even with myself.

So the game is on. It doesn't matter what game I am playing or why I want to make my point. What matters is that as the game is played, I do my best. Because in the end, I am only competing with myself.

It is a thought!

Have a wonderful day.


We are playing a golf tournament tomorrow that we won last year. We were accused of "cheating" to let me tell you The Game's Afoot! We do not cheat ever.


  1. I love playing games, and like you, I don't need to win. The focus is on fun!!

    1. When I start to feel the need to win changing the way I act, I am apt to back off. Be competitive can be ugly a lot of the time.

  2. I am not the least bit competitive in any area of my life. I'm happy enough.

    1. I must be but I don't think it rules my choices or interaction with other people.

  3. I don't play games very often, usually at the behest of someone else who needs a body to play. I did want to say I enjoyed seeing that picture of your golf ball in a very interesting place! :-)


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