Thursday, April 13, 2017

Golfing: The Art of Composure and More

Thoughts on the Game of Golf
I play golf  and I am not very good at the game. But still, hope springs eternal and I keep trying to get just a little better at the sport. I have played the game for almost 20 years now, I have taken lessons, been instructed by my husband and his friends but still the whole thing eludes me. In spite of all that, I have managed to learn so many things that have nothing to do with the game. I suppose it has become worth the exercise in the impossible for me.

I keep a list of thoughts stored away in mind...some of them are swing thoughts but most are thoughts on patience, composure and waiting. If you are even a little interested you might take a minute or two to read:

  1. The longer the list of swing thoughts the worse the results. Keep it simple.
  2. Golf is a game played with rules and a person that is relaxed and comfortable in their own skin plays a better game that one that is tied up in knots.
  3. Golf truly is played in the 6 inches between our ears.
  4. The game of golf is not about you. If you are throwing a temper tantrum it ruins everyone's game...not just yours.
  5. Golf is about momentum. Keeping on the move does help one's game.
  6. Keeping one's focus will help everyone around you. No notice taken of a bad shot is better than pity.
  7. Waiting is good for one's soul. It takes patience and composure to wait with grace. Impatience just makes you crazy! 
  8. Forgiving oneself is hard but necessary. A slight by a playing partner is not important but what we think about our self is.
  9. In the game of golf we always compete with our self. If we are keeping track of someone else's score, something is wrong.
  10. Even though we play against our self, I always remember that if we also compete in the game with others, trust is involved. A cheater only cheats them self and the person that calls someone else a cheater is an unhappy person. 
Just add these thoughts to the game of life. No wonder the 1st Tee program for young people is so important.



  1. For the last two and a half years, my wife and I have lived in development surrounded by a golf course. Our living room window looks out onto the Number Nine tee. Neither of us play golf, though I enjoy watching everyone playing. My wife refers to all the male golfers as, "old men looking for their balls." And so it goes.

    1. I have a few stories to share with those that watch or enjoy golf. However, most of them are not "blog" worthy. :) Old men chasing their balls is very apt!

  2. It is a great game on many levels. Your rules are excellent. I don't understand people who love to mock the game, "You just drag clubs and try to wack a ball in a hole!" Yeah, and Opera is fat people with funny clothes, singing in a foreign language.

    Sadly it seems golf is losing it's popularity. It takes too long for kids brought up with i-pads. Oh well for now it is less wait for me.

    1. I like less waits. I remember back during Tiger's hay day when everyone wanted to golf and very few could. Waiting became the name of the game. We belong to a stockholder owned course here in Tucson so we only wait for our own members and friends. Not that it makes it any easier but we understand why. Be well.

  3. Great lessons! I will share these with my granddaughter who at 14 just took up golf. She seems to be taking to it quite well. I have never learned to play. Perhaps, I should.

    1. Good luck! If you can do it you should! I won't tell you what will happen in your life but in the end it would be worth itl

  4. It's a game that is often quiet and slow. But oh, the drama! Did you see the Master's?


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