Monday, July 17, 2017

Best Senior Blog Award....A Possible Award...Me?

Best Senior Blogger Award has nominated Retire in Style Blog for their 2017 Best Senior Living Awards! Since 2011, has been featuring top websites, products, and organizations that help seniors lead healthy and vibrant lives.
One of the ways our site can advance is through your popular votes. There are just 6 days to vote for Retire In Style Blog. We would appreciate all the support we could get.
Please take a moment and cast your vote for us here. We really appreciate your time and efforts!

I have been nominated for the best senior living award by Senior That is a big thing in my world. Why? Well, here is the deal. I write for my readers, old or young and I do not seek attention. I belong to Women of Midlife and that group of ladies has been great supporters. But other than that I just go skipping along through life. The little blurb looks like this:

Retire In Style- In her blog, Barbara uses her own personal retirement to explore larger issues. While her posts often feature personal anecdotes, they delve into topics like global warming and the role of technology in people’s lives at the same time.

Of course the contest is almost over but you can still drop by and vote for me (if you think the blog is the best). I would like that.


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